Reviews of Chrome Legend by Azzaro

No brainer for me. Dumb reach, blind buy, done deal.

First blue scent I've tried (and I'm new to this) that actually smells aquatic. It's fizzy, salty, breezy and “blue”. Some apple, some mint, cucumber, tonic, and then a soft honeycomb dry down.

Easy gym scent. Beach, lake, boat, dock, whatever. In spring and summer it's can't miss.

Edit: upon trying and testing a number of other aquatics, I stand by this review. Chrome Legends initial blast is very oceanic, and a good wake up call. It is a little harsh out of the bottle, but it gets better and better as it calms down. The dry down is smooth and pleasant.

I know enough now not to elevate this above Voyage or Cool Water or probably any number of blue juices, but this is still worth having. Especially when you want something less sweet and a little more astringent.
22nd April 2021
i think this been reformulated as the caps been replaced on the new bottles plus the negative reviews .chrome legend the old version is very refreshing with strong apple
26th January 2021

Apple and a slightly utter orange combine to form the opening blast. It is bright and of a cool freshness.

In the drydown a salty undertone emerges, with an aquatic tone attached to it. There is a metallic feel also, also this is counterbalanced later on by a restrained sweetness that is owed to white musks that are added it. The salty and citrus components gradually peter out with time.

The sweet side is further enhanced in the base, when a tonka impression is added, combined with a nonspecific woodsiness.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant scent for cooler summer days, with an interesting conceptualisation of the idea that its name conjures up. The similarities between this creation and Nautica Voyage are obvious. This Azzaro is not bad, but a bit too generic at stages. 2.75/5.
15th September 2019
This is complete garbage, and I would add that it wasn't always like this. Years ago it did smell like a fresh fruity aquatic, albeit synthetic; something in the territory of Nautica Voyage. Now this reeks of harsh metallic aromachemicals, with unbalanced blending. Now it's in the same camp as Ferragamo's Incanto Blue, though the latter is worse.

For what its worth, Nautica Voyage is a much superior alternative based on current versions. Seriously, even Aqua Velva Ice Blue smells much nicer for a fraction of the cost. Yes, it's in the same general category as Acqua di Gio, but the difference in quality is about the same as the difference in price.

17th January 2019
Generic fast food citrus opening collapsing to something peppery and cheap. Sea salt? Does it make any difference? Scrubber.

Fragrance: 5/10
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10
31st July 2018
Similar to Chrome but with better performance and a salty beach note. Thought it was originally coconut or sun tan lotion. I like this better than Nautica Voyage but feel like they are similar.

Performance is really good. Projection is above average for the first 5-6 hours and then the final skin scent phase lasts almost all day.
6th April 2018
'Chrome Legend' by Azzaro is a very pleasant surprise and blind buy that I am very glad I took a chance on. Being a fan of the original 'Chrome', I figured this can't be a bad fragrance. I could never really wear the original version anymore as its been played out, advertised, and beaten to death for the last twenty years. Everyone knows it, so I try to not be that obvious when selecting a cologne.

The initial blast smells exactly like seawater, the ocean, saltwater. It has this strange cooling feeling because of the scent. You literally FEEL a good ten degrees cooler just smelling or spraying this stuff on. I get citrus notes, a bit of moss and vetiver, but an overwhelming smell of ocean water. It took a few wears to appreciate the complexity and uniqueness of this, but several weeks later I absolutely love the scent.

It has some similarity to the original Chrome, but is definitely less metallic, more refined. As it settles down, the citrus and sea notes match the vetiver and cedar and it screams spring and summer. A fantastic scent to wear in the high heat and humid environments. It is a fresh, aquatic with a masculine undertone that doesn't offender or irritate anyone. Overall, solid performance.

With a liberal dose of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, wrists and chest), I am getting 7-10 hours of longevity, with a subtle trail after the first six or seven hours. It projects fairly good, and sillage is good for the first half of its life.

I only use this in the warmer months and on the hottest of days, at the beach or at the pool, or just out on the terrace having drinks. It works perfectly in these situations and gathers a fair amount of compliments. For the price this commands, if you love the smell of the ocean, or are a fan of sporty aquatics, this will easily be an instant favorite of yours and is blind buy worthy.
20th July 2017
I thought I would like this because of the note list, but I do not. It is very synthetic on the first spray. And for me, this doesn't fade. Sillage and longevity were also very poor, I had to reapply twice in an eight hour period. Extremely disappointing.
28th April 2016
Finally a Azzaro scent that I really enjoy! Was on the fence and reluctant about trying this because of the stomach churning experience I had with the original Chrome:( So glad a friend gave me a small decant to try.

Wow, what a wonderful surprise! A very nicely done and unique aromatic fruity/tea scent! Does it smell synthetic? Well yeah, a little....but not enough that it's off putting IMHO.

Haven't worn this in warm weather yet, but longevity seems to be very good for this type of fragrance. Can't speak on projection yet since it's only in the 40-50*'s at the moment. But I have no reason not to believe what others all echo about it being excellent.

And I just scored a 4.2oz bottle for under $20 shipped to me. At that price point, this is right up there in terms of the best bang for your buck scents.
16th November 2015
I am beginning to believe that Azzaro can do no wrong. I used to absolutely hate this fragrance and wasted my first bottle wearing it on casual days. But I started to receive a lot of compliments from women (even those whom I did not know). Could they have had a better perspective on what they were smelling?

So, I picked up a second bottle wondering why everyone loved it so much, as I felt that at times it was almost cloying. I took it with me on my most recent Ireland trip last summer, and I finally understood it. Chrome Legend is probably the best summer/aquatic fragrance I have ever smelled. Stop wearing it during the winter months.

I think that Chrome Legend is better than Creed GIT and Silver Mountain Water to which Chrome Legend is very similar. Further, at a fraction of the price, it's a no brainer.
23rd May 2015
Chrome legend is modern and fruity. strong friends asked what i was wearning and told me i smelled so fresh and young!

but nothing special for me middle / base notes are much more better than top notes.the longevity is very good on my skin and quite good for hot days summer. anyway i prefer original version!
15th May 2015
Buysblind has this scent nailed down exactly. The synthetic portion for me comes right after application and leaves during the middle. This has a reordered construction to prevent it from smelling like so many other blue or citric scents.
20th April 2015
Well, sorry to say but this is big thumbs down for me. I can really understand why you can buy such a large bottle so cheaply. I really had high hopes for this because of all the great reviews I read on here, but that just goes to show how subjective this hobby is.

The opening is pure baby powder. Apple? Tea? Bitter orange? Nope. None of that for my nose. Pure baby powder. It stays like this for about an hour. Then it transforms into a combination of febreeze, Fabric softener, and bounce dryer sheets. Not bad for an air freshener, but not exactly what I want to smell like. Really, it just smells like air freshener or laundry detergent and it irritates the hell out of my nose. I honestly can smell no trace whatsoever of any of the notes listed for this. Except for maybe apple if I use my imagination.

It does last. 12 hours later and I can still smell it on my wrists. Anyways, I have a 4.2 oz bottle of it, and I will be keeping it in my car to use as a deodorizer.

Thus stuff is so unworthy of the name Legend. Don't get me wrong. You are not going to offend anyone if you wear this. Because absolutely no one will notice. What they will likely think is 'oh, he put on a clean shirt today.' Or 'oh, this guy wears deodorant with a strong baby powder scent in it.'

But, hey, give it a try and decide for yourself. It does seem to get a lot of love. I do really like the bottle.

17th April 2015
For under $25 for a 4.2 oz bottle, Chrome Legend is a steal. To begin, it's distinct. I haven't sniffed anything else that smells like it--even its progenitor, Chrome is very different. Second of all, the projection and longevity are through the roof. It lasts a long time and has great sillage which will leave a nice little wake behind you wherever you go. Finally, the smell--light, vague apple notes over a semi-soapy, though ultimately warm base. The orange blossom, white musk, and tea notes create a clean, bitter-sweet aroma that's backed up and given some warmth through the use of tonka and amber, and balanced with the woods. However, I recommended sampling this first, as it's really a distinct that smell that you could either enjoy or dislike. I like it, and find it's a good scent to wear during the day to work. It smells clean and fresh, but not common. The ingredients seem to be of an average quality. Although synthetic, it doesn't exhibit the same harsh, metallic, chemical nature of the original Chrome. A versatile, year-round workhorse, Legend gets two thumbs up, and 3.5 out of 5 stars.
18th October 2014
synthetic yet appealing I spy this at tj maxx and asked if i could open and smell...its very chemical like..not offensive but seems one dimensional...i didnt get it...seems to last ok...As an edit: I enjoy this more then projects well and is sweet yet metalic...unique and longevity is way better then sport version.Pros: projects wellCons: has a chemical phoney smell....but drys down smooth
17th May 2013
a lot of veviter here with a hint of tea and celery is what i detect. very mature and a bit synthetic which is not a problem. great stuff here especially for the price. the drydown is more of a musky veviter, not fruity as is the original chrome. can't wait to try chrome summer!!!
16th November 2012
Now,i think a lot of people like this one ,no comments but do you guys relly think this one is a proper next gen of the original chrome???Ithink no!!This one is powerful ,lasts long ,projects really well but the problem is no one really cares about what you are wearing.This perfume is nice but once dried out is smells like cheap Rexona deodrent.The original Chrome may last so long but much more plesent than this one.I got this after i saw the reviews in Basenopte but was not a plesent experience after all.This one is not going to disturb anyone obviously lke Joop homme but not going to get you great attention as well.Can be tried but not a ground breaking smell that you will fall in love with.If you collect perfumes buy this but if you really care about your money ,think twice before buying .This is not ground breaking.The apple note is used too much.I dont stop you guys but just a personal view.
3rd September 2012
this stays fresh all day.....i really love it. its citrusy and all....but it also gives me this palm-nut note (i don't really know where that comes from...but i do smell it on and off and thats the only thing i dnt really like about it). i own a few bottles of colognes and this here is one of my favourites, its the "king" of longetivity and has really good projection. it lasts all day and you can even smell it in ur clothes 2 days after.
20th July 2012
This is updated...

I have been wearing Legend as a work fragrance for a solid week. I'm in the office half the day...and in hospitals and doctor offices selling drugs the other half. NEVER have I had more compliments on a scent. There is something in it (apple?) that makes me love it. Literally every office I walked into someone was telling me how good I smelled. One compliment came from 10 feet sillage must be excellent. It also lasts 8 hours on my skin (10 or more on my clothing). I just bought a giant 4.2 oz bottle for 30 bucks...which means that I will be stocking up since I've been told it's a discontinued fragrance. Surprised at the amount of negativity surrounding this one on Basenotes. I guess in a worldwide forum, taste is subjective. Regardless, I can afford expensive cologne...and would rather have this than most of the stuff sitting on the shelves at Nordstrom or Neiman.
22nd May 2012
Great Fragrance with Powerful Longevity & Very Powerful Projection.
25th February 2012
this is a pretty good scent it lasts all day it projects very good the top smells very good. its really strong so only 2 sprays.
30th July 2011
Fruity, musky and airy with a touch of spiciness, this one is similar to Lanvin L'homme but a bit less green-ambery and with an ozonic temperament. Legend is very synthetic in perception and decidedly common. It reminds me many other fragrances out there lacking any trace of distinction. The link of moss-apple-ozone impresses an aromatic airy vibe that is more than vaguely orangy and this is the worst part of the work because of its overly chemical consistency. Some time later the fragrance becomes more crisp, masculine and astringent because of the link of ambergris, vetiver and cedar that keeps going on more bitter with its touch of simil tobacco. The final part of evolution provides a touch of dignity to the creation that anyway keeps performing an unpleasant fruity-synthetical undertone till the end. Let's go on.
22nd June 2011
A male friend of mine wears this on a daily basis and I must say that it's quite pleasant.

This is my first introduction to Azzaro fragrances and so far I'm liking them. Chrome Legend is a quite a fresh and crisp, almost marine like scent. The apple, tea and bitter orange notes give this fragrance an interestingly sharp yet clean quality in the opening.

The apple is the dominant note from beginning to end which makes this scent rather fruity yet masculine at the same time. Initially the scent starts out sweet and light, however seconds later the scent becomes a rich and refreshing blend with subtle hints of vetiver and woodsy notes in the drydown.

Chrome Legend has fabulous lasting strength and sillage, so be careful when applying. I recommend this cologne as a nice choice for wear this coming Spring/Summer.

5th June 2011
Well the negatives first: The bitter orange is the only note that I am iffy about, I dont like it that much.

Positives: Incredible longevity, this lasts 8 to 10 hours easily and has great longevity. Also gets alot of compliments from the ladies, I am in sales, and meet strangers face to face everyday, and I get multiple compliments on this every time i wear it i swear. I love the dry down thats where it is just a pleasure to smell.

I would say this is much more for a younger laid back type of guy (Im 22).
24th March 2011