Reviews of Choco Violette by Mancera

This scent manages to capture the Christmas spirit.fireplace,warm blankets,pyjamas,snow outside the window and cups of hot chocolate and chocolate cake.warm,sweet, delicious, gourmand,cozy,powdery, but nothing cocking chocolate that you melt,and just inhale the sweetness of.

There's a fascinating a toasted hazelnut smell on top,which may indeed be like certain cereals. then we have a warm milk type vanilla,and powdery violet.the scent is persistent snd performs better with only a little spray. too much and you get a chemical blast initially,and the whole thing is overdone.
6th September 2021
Starts with a hint of florals, and a big blast of sweet cocoa powder and vanilla. Soft florals are underneath but overall this smells like cookies.

This feels like an excellent layering scent if you want a sweet gourmand mixed with whatever you're wearing.

Performance is loud and long lasting. Big projection and all day longevity. People will be asking about the cookie or vanilla smell hanging in the air.
6th May 2020

Chocolate grabs my attention straight away. Has a creamy feel. Then, hazelnut arrives. I don't smell any citrus at all. Turns into a nutty, cereal smell. Violet slowly rises, in the middle.

Chocolate dominates, until vanilla moves in. This begins to smell like a milkshake or a malted milkshake. Fairly linear for most of its time on my skin.

Faint musk later. In summary - it's a gourmand. Period.
3rd May 2020
The opening smells of violets and chocolate, but the chocolate is the dark unsweetened kind. Don't really like this but I have a love-hate relationship with violet as a note. Not very sweet at all.

1st June 2019