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Chloé (new) by Chloé

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Chloé (new) is a women's perfume launched in 2008 by Chloé

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Reviews of Chloé (new) by Chloé

There are 40 reviews of Chloé (new) by Chloé.

Interestingly enough the thing that really jumps out at me about Chloé is just how so American it is. It reads entirely like middle-class malls in suburbia in Connecticut or Rhode Island, maybe in the 70s. Now, certainly, part of this is just the sheer popularity that Chloé has, and I would say, suffers from. You probably already know what this smells like because everyone's only like maybe two degrees of separation from this. And I think that's a real shame for a couple of reasons: one, it probably makes some of us take it less seriously (I think the sheer commercial success takes some of the focus away from what it does best and places it smack into what annoys one about it), and two, it's been copied so much and for so long that anything previously original about it's long since become generic-seeming and tired.

I've seen this previously described (I think negatively was the intention) as "rose detergent" or something like it, and I think that almost hits the nail on the head: it's soapy, a little chemical, watery, rose-y, very clean. Really, the bottle and the ads (and what darlings both are, though the bottle is notorious for looking like *hit after a bit) give you a pretty good idea of what it smells like. It makes me think of light-blue denim, white blouses, poker-straight straw-blonde hair and plaits (and also maybe everyone's holding hands in the grass and seen from above hill through a vintage Tumblr filter). I just think it's nice and well-made. It's dainty, but it has a suggestion of something uncomfortable just kind of there that you can feel in the air. It's an interesting hint of a tension that I think serves the perfume greatly, particularly in setting it apart from its much blander copy-cats. I've also heard it described as a great entry-way into perfume, and I agree. I also think, you know, as popular as this thing is, if a young person comes to wear it because they're interested in the scent itself, they've got taste in my book, is all I can say.

It's mostly generic nowadays, but not through any fault of its own. Or, rather, through the fault of it being so popular that we smell it so often we tire of it, and because since it's a cash-cow, everyone's long been churning out mostly artless imitators.

I like how this manages to feel both stridently synthetic, and dewy-fresh, but also stridently fresh and synthetically-dewy. Go figure. Anyway, my point, if I have any (and really, do I ever?) is that I like it. In feel, it reminds me a bit of Baiser Volé; and aesthetically it stretches in my head as a twice-removed 19 Poudré relative. I'd be interested to smell this on a man.

I just wish I could stop myself from thinking it's so common. Alas, life would be way easier outside of my own head and my own snobbishness, no?

I liked the original Chloe many years ago so I picked up a small vial recently in a department store and have worn it a few times.

This one smells very like the original to me in the following way - it has a deep green, mossy, damp smell that I’ve never smelled in any other fragrance. I love florals and greens yet this doesn’t smell like either to me. There’s something in it that I can’t identify or even describe well, and that isn’t reflected in the notes description. I’ve always wondered if this is how it smells to others but I don’t see any such mention in the previous comments.

However, I wear it occasionally when in the mood for something a little different. Something greeny-mossy-dampy smelling.

Chloé is an acidic light fruity floral fragrance that makes a statement anyway. Performances are good enough, but it lacks a bit of character. Good spring fragrances. Totally light pink. Beautiful bottle. I think the old version might be bolder.

I guess it smells like a musky cedar rose.

At first I thought I smelt cloves, but that may be my default scent identification.

The bottle is very pretty.

I would not purchase this.

If someone gave this to me, I would wear it occasionally.

Tested a spray on the arm.


Soft floral with mostly rose and some white flowers. Calming and traditionally romantic and feminine. Lasts a couple of hours, which is nice.

It's the kind of rose perfume that wafts around you as you move, arm's length. Makes me think of ladies, of walking on a meadow wearing a dress.

Nice. Very rose-y with some musk as it evolves, warm and intimate.

I would rather have a little unexpected (maybe green, maybe dark and animalic) notes there, but that's just my personal taste.

It is quite nice and I would wear it if offered.

LOVE Chloe. It's one of my favorites....good for day, night, office and date night. Just the perfect blend of rose and lychee, without being too heavy. Definitely a re-purchase someday!

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