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Reviews of Chloé (new) by Chloé

There are 38 reviews of Chloé (new) by Chloé.

Chloé is an acidic light fruity floral fragrance that makes a statement anyway. Performances are good enough, but it lacks a bit of character. Good spring fragrances. Totally light pink. Beautiful bottle. I think the old version might be bolder.
Nov 23, 2020

I guess it smells like a musky cedar rose.

At first I thought I smelt cloves, but that may be my default scent identification.

The bottle is very pretty.

I would not purchase this.

If someone gave this to me, I would wear it occasionally.

Apr 28, 2017

Tested a spray on the arm.


Soft floral with mostly rose and some white flowers. Calming and traditionally romantic and feminine. Lasts a couple of hours, which is nice.

It's the kind of rose perfume that wafts around you as you move, arm's length. Makes me think of ladies, of walking on a meadow wearing a dress.

Nice. Very rose-y with some musk as it evolves, warm and intimate.

I would rather have a little unexpected (maybe green, maybe dark and animalic) notes there, but that's just my personal taste.

It is quite nice and I would wear it if offered.
Nov 8, 2016

LOVE Chloe. It's one of my favorites....good for day, night, office and date night. Just the perfect blend of rose and lychee, without being too heavy. Definitely a re-purchase someday!
Aug 9, 2016

Gorgeous. I never knew a fragrance could make you feel so many emotions. I begged my partner for this for my birthday and almost cried when I received it. My one true loves of scents, alongside Curious by Britney Spears.

Opens fruity and sweet, the lychee and peony make a beautiful partnership. The rose appears, but does not produce powdery on my skin, the magnolia add's an aquatic bed for it to lay in. The finish is the most heavenly cedar/wood and amber composition I've ever experienced on my skin. Like a warm hug.

Chloe all in all will always be my one love of scents. However juvenile it's considered, this is masterpiece for those who love sweet florals. It is a fresh vase of flowers after the rain on a spring day.
Jul 20, 2016

When I first re-entered the fragrance world a few months ago, I was struck by the profusion of soapy notes in the kind of greenish-floral perfumes where my perfume palate had formerly resided. Had that smell of Ivory bars always been there? Had my nose changed that much? I'm still not sure. But it put me off almost all green perfumes of the 21st century--at first. Now I'm coming back around. My problems with the smell of soapy aldehydes are less with the accords themselves and more with what they're doing in the overall structure in the perfume. Used to good effect, the smell of soap can impart a delicious sense of tension to an otherwise straightforward perfume--the best example of this I've seen being the ribbon of soapiness running through the swampy depths of Weil de Weil, although you find an echo of the same idea in most of Mean Greens of the late 60s and 70s (Silences is a great case in point).

Chloe does a pretty decent job off bringing this style of perfumery into the 21st century department store/beauty specialty aisle. It reads as a cocktail of freshly scrubbed tea rose, peony, and lily-of-the-valley. It's almost achingly fresh. Nothing in in this perfume is sweet, not even the alleged amber accord at its base. And it lasts forever. The downside of this update of green perfumery is a good dose of Calone---intended, I'm sure, to keep the florals smelling dewy, but a little crudely done all the same.

So why the thumbs up? Because almost everything else at Sephora smells like it would put you in a diabetic coma if you drank it. I like the idea that this prim little floral can hold its own alongside all that sugar. And it's good to know that, in the event of a minor Zombie Apocalypse (or if my luggage gets lost), if I get stranded in Upper Bumblevania, there's something on the shelf at the local mall that my snobby self can wear. Because going without perfume is not an option.


It has been two years since I first wrote the above review, and I still have my little decant of Chloe; it has survived numerous culls and swaps and other opportunities to get rid of it, even though I went almost 24 months without wearing it. However, a recent thread here in Basenotes started a conversation about perfume magnolias; and, when I searched the Basenotes index for perfumes featuring magnolia, this one popped up. Eureka.

I used to think this was a weird waxy rose; but, over time, I've figured out that "weird waxy rose" means "magnolia" in the olfactory shorthand that--I guess--I'm still not 100% fluent in. Now that I've nosed out quite a few magnolias (L'Instant, Sud Magnolia, In White, AdP's mag), I finally have something to hang this on. And you know what? I like it.

In nearly all cases (roses and jasmine excepted, sometimes) I'm not a huge fan of soliflores--that is, unless they find a way to truly evolve and behave like a complete perfume instead of just an excellent accord or two. This is why, at the end of the day, I find myself gravitating back to major designers over niche and indie perfumery--even though I want to support the small guys, and (being an old punk) I feel deeply committed to DIY. But sometimes I have to resist sticking it to the man, because the folks who know how to make a good "generalist" (in BN reviewer Zealot Crusader's words) are mostly classically trained perfumers who spend much of their lives in the trenches learning hwo to avoid the quirks and rough endges that we typically find outside of the designers and luxe niche houses. 9 times out of 10, the desginer stuff works better for me, mostly because I love the complexity and evotion of a well-make perfume.

I know nothing else in the world that smells like Chloe; it's prim like YSL's original Y was prim, albeit less the hyacints and narcisus, which helps Chloe avoid smelling cmpletely frigid.

Jun 21, 2016

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