Chloé Narcisse fragrance notes

  • Head

    • living red plumeria, living orange flower, living fresh apricot, marigold
  • Heart

    • rose otto, jasmine, narcisse, exotic spices
  • Base

    • sandalwood, vanilla absolute, musk, tolu basalm

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Imagine you are a oriental queen in a marble palace,your room is quiet.a breeze rolls in through the open arches from a courtyard garden-jasmine, gardenia,narcissus.a sampled box of turkish delight,a poured glass of red wine,jams,and a bowl of ripe fruit. you smile and lean back amongst the pillows,and take a bite of the most perfect,juicy peach,and smoke hookah. this is Chloe Narcisse.very feminine, sexy,alluring and beautiful.a spicy oriental powdery that's quite sweet and rich,with lots of depth.

A huge number of ingredients from fruit notes to flower notes,from resins to woods. it's golden,but not sunny bright golden.instead,deep resinous golden,if that makes sense.starts off sweet and fruity with peach and apricot,not in the candy or bubblegum sort of way, but like a fruitcake.a heart of honeyed flowers of spicy carnation, rose,jasmine and such,it does come off as an oriental with spices,there's a sprinkle,a dash of powdery notes vanilla,and a lot of amber.this is for those who like big loud sorceress perfume like Magie's a sultry fragrance,but not in anyway dirty or in a bottle.
3rd November 2021
Cheap and synthetic fruity floral with green apple and blackcurrent bud - and a sort of spicy cake smell. Tacky and fake but somehow compulsive. A nose worm.

28th November 2019

I recently purchased a 50ml EDP in the purple box and it is more like the Narcisse I remember from the 90's.
The Narcisse that you can buy with spare change at chemists or department stores has a plasticky tone that can singe the inside of your nostrils when you first spray. After half an hour it calms down but it can be challenging and for everyone else in a 1 metre radius to cope with till then.
The EDP seems to be just as strong but not as offensive or synthetic. It seems, (to my nose) settle and begin the lovely dry down to a base which is lovely, creamy and truly nuzzle worthy.
Although I have just bought this bottle of EDP, I am thinking I am going to buy another and stash in my cupboard. I have a feeling this EDP may be one of the fragrances that I will be missing, unable to find in a few years and not easily replaceable.
5th April 2014
My signature scent. I've PROACTIVELY TRIED to find another perfume which smells as alluring and flat out "delicious" on me, and I've not succeeded. I like Michael Kors, Michael - nice floral, woodsy drydown, but it doesn't LAST! And I find myself longing for the aroma of my Narcisse. Beautiful, rich floral (do NOT overdo it! I buy the minis - and literally a few body dabs does the trick for the entire day). Floral, spicy, with an attracting force of its own.
11th March 2013
I'm trying to think of the exact feeling this scent gives me - there's nostalgia there, and romance - but only when I'm in the right mood. Otherwise this is headache inducing and way too heavy.

On a certain day (or night), in a certain mood, a couple of spritzes will transport me to a distinctly playful and sentimental frame of being. Any more than that or other time than that and I want to scrape the sugary vanilla right off my skin. Bizarre...
11th September 2012
Just experienced this today from an ancient mini I came across. I find it to be much more a spice based scent than floral...let's say spicy floriental. It's like a sweeter version of KL (both Lagerfeld if I'm not mistaken). It is strong and long lasting, so only the eensiest bit is needed to avoid suffocation, for the wearer especially. It is an excellently done fragrance; very rich and intoxicating if you like that sort of thing. Probably better in cooler weather. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.
8th September 2012
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