Bond No. 9 (2005)

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Reviews of Chinatown by Bond No. 9

There are 75 reviews of Chinatown by Bond No. 9.

Chinatown is a creamy woody vanilla floral. Smells like candy and I love it. I smell peach blossom, gardenia and vanilla rounded off by patchouli. I can't stop smelling myself. Last a long time on me. Delicious!
Feb 15, 2019

The peach blossom and bergamot are delightful, at the top. I only wish they lasted longer. Chinatown is dominated by gardenia and tuberose. These flowers persist all the way over and through the base. The base is smooth with notes of patchouli, cedar, vanilla, and sandalwood. Overall this is an exotic, enjoyable floral perfume.
Sep 12, 2018

I'm not sure what can be said that hasn't already. This thing is sweet, sweet, sweet, and lasts forever. It goes quite floral on clothes the second day. It can be "screechy" and a bit too much--heaven help you if you wear this in hot weather, it would be too overpowering. But in winter/spring/fall it can be fun. I happily finished my sample, and would use another sample if it came my way, but would not buy a full bottle.
Nov 18, 2017

A sweet floral fragrance, this is mostly gardinia and peony mixed with the sweetness of cardamom and vanilla. Peach blossoms and orange blossoms have very subtle odor in nature, and I'm not sure I smell them in this perfume. I smell a trace of fake artificial peach fragrance which smells absolutely foul, but thankfully not enough to ruin this fragrance.
Sep 14, 2017

Here's a thought: what about Chinatown as a New World or a junk food twist on Guerlain's landmark Mitsuoko? Fruit-note-with-chypre (check), Asian influenced name (check), strange warm radiance . . . .

I may be way behind the curve with this idea, but I keep smelling that unmistakeable peach/powder/herb Mitsuoko at the heart of Chinatown, with Mitsuoso's warm glow replaced by bright twinkles of aldehydic tuberose and gardenia, and hints of candied strawberry and a slightly chemical lavender, like Fabuloso cleaner. The result teeters on the edge of trashy, depending on how heavy you are with the trigger.

Longevity is amazing, and the rich patchouli bottom on the drydown never veers into head shop territory. My husband followed me around all night while I wore this, grabbing my wrist.

Edit: 1 month later, after another wearing or two, I still enjoy the joke, but I know the punchline already. I'm glad I had a sample before I committed.

Another edit: over a year later, I've given in to Chinatown's garish charms. Spring came, and I just needed it.
Jan 28, 2016


Such a strange,lovely scent.CHINATOWN makes you feel pampered yet has a perfect blend of the exotic sensual and the fresh smell that makes you appear sexy and innocent at the same time.alluring and sophisticated with a touch of sweetness.the perfume is is very rich and elegant and it's very expensive but it is all worth it.unisex but quite feminine as just makes you wanna hold your wife or girlfriend close and enjoy her sense with this lovely floral scent. Unique,Elegant,Floral, Modern,Exciting, Spicy,Graceful and Special and all this in a Gorgeous bottle,too!

At first it is a little aggressive but as minutes go by,it becomes better and better.The middle notes is all flowers with spicy cardamom,it ends with something warm and woody with patchouli and a subtle touch of vanilla that is simply bewitching and sensual. in fact this mixture is both crisply energetic and warmly sensual.the dry down is excitingly strange.The description for this fragrance is very'true to scent'!I strongly recommend this fragrance for those that want a scent of mystery and long lasting and very pleasing to the senses in Special and Intimate occasion.


Longevity?Above Average on my skin.

Jun 1, 2015

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