This rhubarb-themed scent started out as a bespoke perfume made for a customer who has been kind enough to give permission to release it into my line. It is inspired by the "Green Knight" of Arthurian legend, a sort of ambivalently magical chivalrous hero intermixed with an ancient Celtic god, the "Green Man".

Chevalier Vert fragrance notes

    • citrus, rhubarb, tomato leaf, armoise, violet leaf, violet, orris, peony, sichuan pepper, soft woods

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This fragrance features a combination of rhubarb and tomato leaf, with strong projection and longevity. It is similar to Green Spell by Eris Parfums, but with the addition of rhubarb. The tomato leaf note is photorealistic, which is rare in green fragrances, and the scent also has a slight sour/tart quality. Some people have associated it with the smell of dry marijuana, but the reviewer does not detect this association. It is recommended to sample before buying, especially if you are indifferent to rhubarb. While there may be other fragrances that focus purely on the tomato leaf note, this is still a great scent by Ellen Covey.
4th February 2023
I love this weird rhubarb-tomato leaf-violet concoction. The sharpness of the top notes is mellowed by something almost rice-like, I guess from the "soft woods."

I don't personally smell marijuana BUT, to second Dry_Martini, someone just told me my office smells like pot, so wear with caution.
20th November 2018

dry marihuana smell
8th October 2017