Reviews of Cherry Oud by Guerlain

The opening is enticing with its sweet cherry note, but it quickly transitions into a bold and smoky fragrance with hints of oud and leather. While some might enjoy the strong and robust character of this scent, it comes across as a bit harsh and synthetic, reminiscent of cheaper Middle Eastern ouds. Although the performance is strong, it may be too overpowering for some. If you're a fan of bold rose and oud combinations, give it a sniff, but for those who prefer more subtle fragrances, it might be best to skip this one.
6th May 2023
The name is deceptive.

This composition is very much oud and lots of smoke! You would have to like high levels of smoke to enjoy this. It’s almost like burning tires painted with a cherry lacquer. Except…not very cherry. More lacquer. It creates a motor oil vibe.

This has 0% in common with the Tom Ford cherries, or any other cherries I’ve experienced. This is really out there. Oud Nude gives me way more cherry, actually. The almond takes on that vibe and if you like an oud with a hint of cherry, Oud Nude is where you’ll find it. Oud Nude is a must try if that’s what you’re going for!
14th April 2023

I’m a huge fan of middle eastern perfumery scent profiles. And I’m a huge fan of guerlain. I had originally thought that the combination of the two here would create something magical. But instead, I got something that I could have easily purchased from lattafa for $20-30. I’m not knocking lattafa, I like them. But what I’m saying is that Guerlain did not bring the special with this. It smells good, and I’d wear it, but there’s no way I would pay $360 for this. Makes me kinda sad too because I thought this would be a sure thing for me.
5th January 2023
I just got a sample today. To me, this is cherry leather completely. I can smell rose around the cherry... slight cardamom, and no cinnamon. This is strong stuff. I think more masculine than feminine. I wasn't sure about it when I first sprayed it on, but now I can't keep smelling my wrist so there's something up.

An hour in I am recognizing the oud more. I'd say the cherry and leather are about equal to it, so far.

Two hours in: we still have cherry, but it's a sour cherry. For sure. I still like it though.

I'm a fan of Tom Ford's Lost Cherry, but this ain't that. I do not think Cherry Oud is an appropriate blind buy, not at Guerlain prices. Lost Cherry is a sweet fluffy gourmand, and Cherry Oud is much more like you're wearing a slightly sweaty leather jacket made of dried cherries.

(Lol I am just not the best when it comes to identifying notes at all, and modern perfumers use a lot of that chemical called Iso E which I cannot smell. I've gotten samples of it from various sources and my kids and husband can smell it but I just get a whiff of cedar and then nothing. If anger had a smell, it would be Iso E Super. I don't know if there's any Iso E in Cherry Oud; but if there is, my experience of this fragrance may be vastly different from yours.)
24th September 2022