Part of La Collection Privée de Molinard.

Cher Wood fragrance notes

  • Head

    • acquatic notes, floral accord
  • Heart

    • atlas cedar, oud wood, patchouli, sandalwood
  • Base

    • haitian vetiver, cedar, amber, madagascan vanilla

Latest Reviews of Cher Wood

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It smells very... mysterious. It's a well balanced perfume. Cher Wood is definitely elegant and classy.

On every note, the volume is never loud and is dialed up only as much as necessary to make everything work with eachother. Personally I get: a very distant, minimal oud, that's the main 'mysterious' note. And I love that they've used so intelligently. Also there is a very nice, more clean than animalic musk. A very very real smelling vanilla (like the pods), a wet wood (very subdued if that's cedar) and hints of patchouli growing on a forest floor.

No or very little vetiver and the aquatic notes are something else guys... Beautiful and not calone or anything else you've ever smelled in your typical blue/aquatic scent.

It's a suede like, distant tropical fruit and flower combo in which all the other ingredients are coated (if that makes sense). It makes the notes appear to have been soaked by either rain, or a river or tropical beach even, depending on how you interpret it.

I'm giving it a thumbs up even though I won't be buying a full bottle. I have a Notino sample.
23rd June 2021