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Reviews of Chêne by Serge Lutens

The opening blast evokes images of walking in a Forest, with the aroma of trees and undergrowth permeating the air. The woods are a lovely silver birch on me initially, which is quite a realistic depiction of it. Herbal - thyme and whiffs of rosemary - with more coniferous components develop, and later on some cedarwood and the impression of old oak barrels - although the oak is less dominating that the name would suggest. A veritable forest indeed.

In the drydown a sweetness of beeswax also arises, with a slightly balsamic and boozy accent., although I do not get any convincing level of the rum here that the scent pyramid promises. A tannic leathery undertone is also detectable, with whiffs of an ambery incense, smidgens of immortelle, and a very discreet pepper at times too.

The base sees more, sweetness added by a somewhat bland tonka, that stays in the background on me though, with the coniferous incense notes remaining dominant until the end.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A beautiful autumnal scent, with some original touches and blended superbly. Whilst not reaching the level of quality, depth and texture of dunhill's Blend 30 or Bogner's Deep Forest, it is nonetheless a very nice composition. 3.75/5

Mar 13, 2021

Now I remember why I never bothered with this one. The sweet and licorice-y immortelle combined with the piercing and sharp woodiness of Chene makes me feel slightly nauseated. Plus, this unsavory and binary combination goes on seemingly forever in the same unrelenting fashion.

This smells like nothing found in nature. Thank god.
Aug 19, 2020

Chene was one of the first Lutens fragrances I encountered, way back in 2006 ish, via a book of wax samples that the brand posted to me. I bought a bell jar, and have been wearing it intermittently ever since. Its a warm round scent of freshly cut wood, starting off a little bit green and sappy, then gently shading sweeter, with a bit of smoke, imortelle, rum and pepper as it develops. On me, it is pretty linear, and smells like the perfect imaginary evening in front of a crackling log fire, next to a basket of freshly cut wood, maybe with a drink in hand. I find it a great autumn winter comfort scent. It stays pretty close to the skin, but lasts the whole day. My bell jar finally ran out this year, so I bought one of the 100ml black bottle. Given some of the changes to the Lutens line, I was a bit worried it wouldn't live up to the vintage version. Comparing them, one on each wrist, the new one has more alcohol and greenness on the top, which burns off quickly. The older version settle down a bit quicker, I think because the top notes aren't quite there anymore. Then they both settle into woody-sweet-smokey goodness and stay there - after 20 minutes or so there is no discernible difference.
Jul 7, 2020

At first sniff, without much concentration, this smells like cedar chips. Fairly generic. But sniffing harder and letting it mature, it is more complex than that. Pepper, spices, I like one reviewer's description of an Autumn night. Sitting at home in early October with the windows open, letting in the cool brisk air, I smell the comparison.
Oct 2, 2017

The scent of autumn when enjoy watching the beautiful sunset and after it when you can see blue grey twilight over the darkening lake.for lovers of natural woody perfumes,you should definitely try this one.there is a marvelous breadth of oak,cedar,birch and rum to delight your nose.unisex but in a masculine way.Enchanting,Classy,Sophisticated,Warm, Unusual,Leathery and Refined.

starts with a nice blend of caraway and softens to a mildly spicy blend of woods.the rum and Tonka bean adds warmth without rests on a oak,cedar base interlaced with a perfect balance of birch and beeswax into an enveloping fragrance that is genuinely unique.bitter/sweet scent gives you feel like comfort her during sadness until she dry her tears with your embrace.suits the autumn mood best.

Sillage?Heavy to Moderate.

Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

Sep 5, 2016

This could easily have been named "Certainly Cedar," as it is to my nose a quite linear and solitary exploration of Lutens' favorite wood note. This despite the translation of its name meaning "Oak."

There is an odd combination of sweet and bitter here, which could be the result of the birch tar and sap working against the beeswax and tonka. An interesting balance is thus achieved between two different olfactory exposures to freshly sawn wood, as in a lumber mill.

In any case it would certainly prove attractive to lovers of wood scents, but taken on its own, it is not complex or interesting enough of a composition to appeal to the general public.
Jun 7, 2016

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