Chemical Bonding 
Ineke (2006)

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Ineke Rühland
Ramona Rühland
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Helena Seo
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Reviews of Chemical Bonding by Ineke

There are 15 reviews of Chemical Bonding by Ineke.

Sharp, chemical-smelling citrus, that falls away rather quickly. There is a brief, cold tea smell. Then, blackberry kicks in. The top notes appeared, one, after the other. A sharp peony note with an almost rose tinge comes next. Blackberry settles into the background. Peony is steady for awhile. A fresh, light green vetiver emerges. It mixes with peony rather well; not too floral, not too green. They take the "edges" off of each other.

Vetiver eventually takes over, drowning all evidence of peony. A bright, non-sweet amber and a light, nearly dry musk finish this off. The whole thing drifts away after four hours. Despite longevity issues, this is one of the nicer Ineke perfumes.
May 13, 2019

My favorite of the Ineke line, Chemical Bonding is a nicely complex tea smell. The tea illusion comes from a mix of sage and citrus, balanced with fruity coriander and given significant depth by bay rum elements. Meanwhile, there's a gingerbread undertone, while I suspect a lavender fougere may be hiding in plain sight as well.

But the real fireworks come from the vetiver. The inky, iodine elements of the vetiver counteract with the flowery herbal tea to surround everything in a thin veil of artsy weirdness that really elevates Chemical Bonding.

I'd highly recommend Chemical Bonding to vetiver fans looking for something clever, as well as tea fans. It could also appeal to people who enjoy a Commes Des Garcons vibe, or even scents like L'Artisan's Tea For Two.
Jun 23, 2018

Eminently forgettable citrus followed by thrift shop tea combo – the tea note is so insistently artificial that it bleaches the citrus notes of all vitality and one is left with the odour of some strong cleaning agent on one's skin. This embarrassment barely deserves to be called a perfume, yet there are plenty more of its ilk around, which makes me wonder why perfumers bother turning out yet more.

Feb 21, 2014

Note to perfumers: please do not name your creations in ways that immediately evoke visions of an organic chemistry laboratory! Ineke CHEMICAL BONDING would be an example to avoid. In fact, the composition is much better than the name would seem to suggest to those of us who have tested way too many of the sickeningly synthetic fragrances on the market today. To be perfectly frank (quoi d'autre?), I actually do not understand and am indeed mystified by the weird “molecule” trend in avant-garde perfumery, with single synthetic notes being poured into bottles and sold as perfume at niche prices. Hello? Does this make any sense whatsoever? Why not just go to a chemical supply shop and buy yourself a bottle of the “special molecule” for a tiny fraction of the cost? But I digress...

CHEMICAL BONDING is another masculine-leaning composition by this house–along the lines of FIELD NOTES FROM PARIS, and I find it about as appealing. I wouldn't mind smelling it on someone else, but it's not something that I would go out of my way to acquire. Nor is it something that I'd go out of my way to wear, if I happened to have a bottle. To me, CHEMICAL BONDING seems like a generic men's citrus cologne which falls just this side of the natural/synthetic divide. Vetiver, citrus, light know the drill.

Jul 30, 2011

This one is a little deceptive at first. The initial notes present an incredible citrus melange: at times, I smell orange; at times, lemon; at times, grapefruit. This is quickly joined by a tea note. But then, just as you think you've got another typical modern citrus fragrance on your hands (or arms, or torso) it's like Ineke said "let there be peony." And there was. And it was good. If you like peony, you'll love this stage. As the scent wears on, the musky, powdery, clean base shows up and merges with the peony for a while until the peony runs its course and you're left with the powdery, clean, musk and woods. It's very nice, it's clean and fresh in a non-generic way, and it's unisex, but probably on the feminine end of the unisex spectrum. Lasting power is very good on me, as with all Inekes I've tried.
May 4, 2011

Chemical Bonding is a very nice tart citrus/tea scent that I find to be completely unisex. The citrus notes last and last, and the tea/peony notes compliment the citrus very well. Good stuff.
Mar 8, 2011

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