Cheery Cherry 
Alice & Peter (2012)

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Reviews of Cheery Cherry by Alice & Peter

OK, so I'll admit that I my expectations were fairly low concerning the cherry perfume in the cupcake bottle. That being said, Cheery Cherry is actually a fairly decent scent. It's not a candy smell, but instead that perfumey cherry note that Guerlain uses a lot, complete with the boozy green herbal undercurrent. There are some bright violets on top, and everything plays out over a suede make-up smell, so I'd classify Cheery Cherry as more of a cherry/violet niche "lipstick" perfume than a typical fruity candy scent.

It doesn't have much of a base and stays fairly linear, but lasts a long time despite that. I think my only warning would be to people who see the bottle and just want something that smells like a big cherry jellybean - you may be disappointed because this is much more of a proper perfume than that. I'm giving it a neutral rating because I personally don't like scents that smell like lipstick, but it's certainly not a thumbs down.
Mar 26, 2013

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