Chasing Autumn 
Neil Morris Fragrances (2014)

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There are 2 reviews of Chasing Autumn by Neil Morris Fragrances.

The aroma of roasting coffee beans greets you, immediately followed by the magical smell of an Autumn bonfire. Gorgeously smokey, gloriously woodsy, just glorious!

There is a most beautiful cedar note in the drydown, accenting the tingling fir and pine notes, complimenting the delicate hardiness of Cypress. These wood notes are out in force and are just so well done! Slight hints of nutmeg are sprinkled throughout the composition, really adding icing to the cake. Amber warms in the drydown as well, it really sparkles in the base notes. Vetiver ties it all together.
May 6, 2020

This opens with a cloud of black pepper, cedar & birch woods, burning leaves, & the scent of damp earth in a deep forest. It creates a dark & unsettling atmosphere, reminding me of that "dull, dark & soundless day in the autumn of the year", which sets the opening scene for Edgar Allen Poe's Fall of the House of Usher. The burning smell intensifies over the first hour, but it's not unpleasantly acrid, it's the scent of woodsmoke mingling with the mist that drifts through the trees in the gathering dusk. At around the three hour mark, it slowly begins to mellow, with hints of incense, tobacco & powder, but it never sweetens. After feeling lost in the immense, dark forest, in the distance I sense the presence of a cosy cottage lit from within by a blazing fire, & the terror recedes as I make my way towards it...
It's not often that I get such powerful images from a scent, but this truly is an outstanding work of poetry in perfume. It's softer after the seven hour mark, but lasts a good fourteen hours before fading. Incredible stuff!
Nov 30, 2017

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