Etat Libre d'Orange (2007)

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Reviews of Charogne by Etat Libre d'Orange

There are 31 reviews of Charogne by Etat Libre d'Orange.

Like the personality of a woman who has travelled a more hedonistic path compared yo her compatriots and brings to mind the song,"I've never been to me".an excellent composition you should take a look upon,very seductive and appealing,take peopel breath and make you feels warm and vibrant yet there is an unshakable shadow of melancholy.

The opening is peppery sexy jasmine it's super strong but it dries down to the middle/base almost right away and it's leathery,ambery, animalic,you get also the dark vanilla and lily.i like heavy waxy dense jasmine and the ambrette perfectly brings that out to me,it's got the leather to get you that ibdolic jasmine,the smoky notes kind of like jasmine right off the plant with a little bit of the greenery i think that's the vetiver.totall confident bitch scent for those rare occasions you need lean on your fragrance to command the room.
Aug 9, 2021

Fragrance In Three Words: Animalic Floral Leather.

This is named after the French word for Carrion. The vulture like bird that feeds on animal corpses.

This one starts with what to me is a champagne style note as well as lashings of ginger, cardamom, citrus and light pink pepper. It's a solid and complicated opening.

As it progresses it becomes more feminine and floral. Really big ylang-ylang, muguet and jasmine notes.

As it drysdown the floral notes persist with some soft leather, a really decent dusty, mouldy incense note and a heavy vanilla. The vanilla really does take over and it was mainly what I could smell as it was fading. The incense and florals are all quality and well composed. Like most ELDO fragrance, it is synthetic, but undeniably expensive smelling and classy.

This fragrance is sadly discontinued. It can currently be bought for less than £100 for a big bottle which is about what it cost when it was a current line. It's not too difficult to find sealed boxes in 2021.

For me it is slightly too feminine. Not the florals, just the sweetness of vanilla contrasting against strong aromas like incense and leather weren't for me. I get they were going for a darkness and light theme.

Scores an above average 6.5 out of 10.

1ml decant sample
May 4, 2021

I expected more. I wanted it to smell so unmistakably like rotting flesh. Instead I get flowers and some dank.
It takes a while to appreciate, and I get that, I just wanted more upfront.

So my verdict is this: more like a morgue than rotting carcass. Also more wearable than I expected. Thumbs up for originality and daring to make this. Just left me wanting, that's all.
Nov 24, 2016

Decaying beauty. Somehow noble, somehow beautiful, unsettling.

I'm sure most who deal with bodies - morgues, coroners, doctors, etc - recognize the unsettling sweet aspect of decomposition. I once discovered a family friend who had died in his living room the prior day. I was unprepared for the sickly sweet chemical aroma that hung over the closed room. There was no decomposing flesh smell - I suppose the process wasn't far enough along for that. It seems one of the first acts of the body was to create sugar gasses - at least that's what the room smelled like to me. I've never forgotten that smell. Charogne has this.

Charogne has beautifully rich intense, dense florals thickly overlaying ominous sweet and eventually hard-to-avoid indoles. With Charogne you cannot have the beauty without the sense of its dissolution swimming in the background. To me, it makes it's beauty more poignant and more grand. But wearing this fragrance you must live with this fact. It's not something one would always wish to wear, but when you do it gives it a depth that is hard to come by through a fragrance that is only about the beautiful.
Jun 13, 2015

low sillage, low duration.. a chemical leather ...unforgettable its incredibly high price tag!
Nov 9, 2014

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