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Charlatan by Fort and Manlé

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Charlatan is a shared scent launched in 2016 by Fort and Manlé

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Reviews of Charlatan by Fort and Manlé

There are 5 reviews of Charlatan by Fort and Manlé.

Phenomenal longevity and prismatic overload of fruit, florals, and impressive chocolate. Constantly changing, one moment it's lush pears and amber, next it's vanilla and chocolate, or floral and almost an incense quality to it. Well named and stayed with me all day.

Currently the only perfume from Fort and Manle that has kept my interest and I would consider buying a small bottle of.

The refectory with exotic plants and fine morsels. Charlatan is a beautifully balanced floral gourmand perfume where neither of those qualifiers are quite what they may suggest. The floral notes don't jump up and identify themselves – rather they evoke a shaded space with blooming plants; and the gourmand elements are soft and silken smooth , like dreams of ambrosial delights rather than the things themselves. The whole is bound together by a delicate, marshmallow-soft vanillic ambery sweetness and a soothing neutral tone akin to plant sap.
Entirely lovely, even if, like other Fort and Manlé offerings, it requires generous spraying.

Charlatan is near-flawless in execution. It's got a strong gourmand presence without immediately evoking food, and its floral notes never overpower. The notes are distinct, but perfectly blended. The predominant notes are pear, chocolate, and rose -- sweet but a bit dark, not the sugarbomb that combination might suggest. The sillage is decent, the longevity excellent. It's not very mutable, but that's a good thing. There's something earthy about it, but not dirty. It's genuinely delicious, and brilliant.

This is wonderful. I don't get much chocolate from this, but I do get sweet musky rose, juicy pear, a beautiful sandalwood and an absolutely stunning amber. Longevity is amazing – one spray from my sample bottle this morning, and eight hours later I could still smell it, and it still smelt as great as it did when it first went on. This is a scent you just want to nuzzle into – lovely, cosy, warm and so delicious. I haven't been able to stop sniffing this all day. A winner for sure.

My second try from Fort & Manle, Charlatan is aptly described, a mix that comes off as a wee bit earthy despite being sweet, fruity, and floral primarily.

To my nose, it's mainly a blend of the chocolate and pear on top, with a host of florals in the heart---specifically, tuberose, rose, and osmanthus, an odd blend---and a mix of sandalwood, amber, and vanilla in the dry down, though frankly, the dry down isn't so sweet as it is floral for me.

For me, it goes from fruity to earthy/fruity, to floral/fruity, to sweet floral. It's not bad, but certainly unless one is impressed by it, it's not worth the price tag, the same as most in the line, of 230 AUD, roughly 178 USD.

Performance is decent, roughly average for a fragrance of this price and note composition, though not as robust in terms of either projection or longevity as Amber Absolutely.

A nice entry, and one that gives me continued enthusiasm for the line, but not one I'll be pursuing further.

7 out of 10

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