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Chanel (2014)

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Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum by Chanel

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Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum is a men's fragrance launched in 2014 by Chanel

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Reviews of Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum by Chanel

There are 3 reviews of Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum by Chanel.

I liked the original EdT and thought this would be a more potent swipe at the same basic scent.

Well, kind of. This just doesn't wear on me as strongly as the EdT. The EdT was pretty low key, but I'd catch a lot of nice wafts a fair way into a wearing. This may last longer but wear closer.

It's a safe, semi-mature scent. Certainly very wet shaver-ish, Pinauad Clubman kind of of style.

One of the last things Jacques Polge did for Chanel before retirement was rework Chanel Pour Monsieur (1955) one more time. Originally, he had reworked it and removed the chypre aspects, keeping the top mostly intact but dialing down the citrus, adding lavender, spices, and woods, creating the fougère representation that was Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Toilette Concentrée (1989). This scent became a mature masculine staple, competing in the same space as Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur (1972), Patou Pour Homme (1980), Versace L'Homme (1984), Creed Bois du Portugal (1987), Tiffany for Men (1989), Guerlain Héritage (1992), and Lalique Pour Homme (1997). Suffice it to say this plush semi-oriental oakmoss barbershop style was crowded and quite popular, but nowadays is more the realm of niche perfume. Why then did Polge rework this a final time? Who knows? But what we do know is IFRA restrictions made even the rich 1989 version of Chanel Pour Monsieur feel sharper and unlike itself in subsequent reformulations, so perhaps Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum (2014) was Jacques' way of "saving" the scent profile for fans of it. Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum is for all intents and purposes the same scent as the former Eau de Toilette Concentrée variant, and returns some of the pillowy smooth qualities found in original batches of the EdTC to the scent lost in its subsequent revisions.

This is very much a gentleman's perfume, full of dandy-like florals and spices, opening with bergamot, lemon, mandarin, and petitgrain. The heart shows off a full French lavender, flanked by nutmeg and cardamom. Vetiver and opoponax bridge into a mossy sandalwood base, but the magic here is that neither oakmoss nor sandalwood are actually in the eau de parfum variant of Chanel Pour Monsieur. Jacques uses his own clever compounds he developed for Chanel in the same manner as they hae been used in subsequent reformulations of Égoïste (1990) and Allure Homme (1999), pairing these compounds with vanilla and amber to make a buttery smooth finish. The results of this effort feel like magic on skin, with hours creamy, woody richness in the likeness of oakmoss and sandalwood, accented with powdery bits of lavender, vetiver, and citrus. Wear time is long, but sillage is closer here than with the EdTC. Romantic or formal use in cooler weather is suggested. This stuff also makes a great scent for a guy after showering and grooming, so it may appeal to the wet shaver crowd. Vintage purists won't favor this edit, but anyone just wanting this back in their life and not wishing to pay a unicorn's bounty to catch an oakmoss high will be thankful. Chanel Pour Monsieur in this 80's semi-oriental fougère configuration always was the most soft-spoken and buttoned-down of its peers, competing only with Creed Bois du Portugal in overall conservative tone, with this eau de parfum variant being no different in that regard.

Yeah, the EdTC is a bit more diffuse and opaque, while the EdP feels a bit more transparent, linear, and has greater note separation than the previous iteration, but there are certain inescapable realities with the state of modern large-scale perfumery you learn to accept unless you stick with artisanal pefumes made from real Siberian deer musk. A modern man into scents like Penhaligon's Sartorial (2010) and looking for something a bit richer and better for winter should really look into Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum (2014), while fans of the "Clubman Pinaud vibe" in general but wanting something more upscale and wearable outdoors need look no further. This entire genre was the culmination of decades worth of refinement ever since scents like Caron Pour Un Homme (1934) and Dana Canoe (1936) hit the market, and Jacques Polge merely stretched this style over the bones of Henry Jacques' original work with Chanel Pour Monsieur to create what you smell in this eau de parfum. Test of course, but for fans of mature and formal masculines, it really doesn't get better than this in the modern era without looking into niche. I will warn you that supply seems to fluctuate on this one outside of Chanel's home market, so if you're in Asia or the US, you're better off buying several at once because it seems to dry up then come back as Chanel annoyingly flip-flops on whether to sell its legacy masculines outside of France. Thumbs up.

Tiffany For Men
Through plush lemon lens became
Pour Monsieur Pour Femme.

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