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Chanel (2015)

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Chance Eau Vive by Chanel

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Chance Eau Vive is a women's perfume launched in 2015 by Chanel

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Reviews of Chance Eau Vive by Chanel

There are 10 reviews of Chance Eau Vive by Chanel.

Subversive floral.
Burning citric freshness and
Soft, cool, cotton musks.

Thumbs up b/c it doesn't smell bad, but this is uninspired and for a house like Chanel, it feels like they are just catering to the younger fragrance wearer who wants to smell safe. There is nothing here to set it apart from other generic fresh scents

Cheap smelling for Chanel - smells like vague tart fruit, jasmine and screechy vetiver. Chemical chemical.

Very chemical smelling attempt at combining citrus fruit (grapefruit, blood orange) with a white floral (jasmine).

This is beneath Chanel, smelling of something aquatic and watery one would find on the "marked down to sell fast" bin at one's local department store.

Harmless, but far from any conception of quality or uniqueness.

It's a melange of citrus at the beginning, those who enjoyed the limited edition of Prada's D'Oranger from the Infusion line will like this. Hanae Mori's No 3 is in the same category. I find the opening a bit screechy but the dry down is elegant enough, although it doesn't sing 'Chanel' to me and this marks it as the departure from Polge senior to his son as perfumer. It's tenacious, so full marks for longevity when I have been alerted by poor performance in other Chanels being attenuated, so that's a plus for many.
The master of the grapefruit opening is Jean Claude Elena, with all 'Eau' Citrus tending to lose their power within an hour, so it is interesting to see Olivier Polge create a perfume that still leaves the impression of a full citrus, even if it's not quite there at the dry down. I can't say I would buy it again, it gets on my nerves a bit in the same way that No 19 Poudre does. I suspect I will update this perfume review as my experience of this fragrance wears in. For now I strongly recommend 'try before you buy' as this perfume doesn't relate well to the perfume that is 'Chance'
P.S. It is better in summer weather and has grown on me a bit.

I always dismissed the Chance line as the most generic, inoffensive-but-slightly-bland, forgettable of the Chanel sisters.

The regular Chance is still not my cup of tea, but I can say that the Eau Vive flanker is a genuine surprise to me. It's very fresh, clean (although my husband gets a sweaty note from it) bright scent that seems especially good for summer, but that I also reach for in these colder days whenever I want a break from my heavier, sweeter and spicier perfumes.

And what a nice break it turns out to be! On me, it's a succulent, green grapefruit with some jasmine on a soft musky base. The grapefruit is not sweet, not too tart, not too bitter, and it really, really sings.

The best way I can describe this fragrance is that it reminds me of a tall, cold glass of water with wedges of citrus and slices of cucumber floating around in it (you know, the kind they serve in a carafe in a fancy spa), and it has a wet, thirst quenching quality about it that is just so moreish.

I've about 6 samples of this fragrance which will probably get me through winter, but come spring, I'm pretty sure I'll go back for a full bottle.

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