Champs-Elysées Too Much 
Guerlain (2000)

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Champs-Elysées Too Much by Guerlain

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Champs-Elysées Too Much is a women's perfume launched in 2000 by Guerlain

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Reviews of Champs-Elysées Too Much by Guerlain

There are 6 reviews of Champs-Elysées Too Much by Guerlain.

The Eau De Toilette, Champs-Elysées, Too Much by Guerlain(discontinued)is a pleasant surprise. Not what I expected at all. The opening is loud, but fleeting. When the volume dials down the spring flowers make their appearance and steal the show. I took a nap and had a dreamy impression that I was in a spring garden replete with hyacinth and lilac. Intoxicating, but in a good way. The hyacinth and lilac are with us for such a short time. I usually feel a tinge of sadness when their time is up. I am ignorant of Mimosa's attributes and can't speak of their contribution to this fragrance profile. The dry down holds some unexpected pleasures. Enjoy.

Up comes Spring, You Must believe in many songs to sing. La, La,La, La,La!

Sillage 7/10
Longevity 6/10 ( My skin eats perfume up)

I always liked Champs-Elysées; i found it sunny and cheery. Champs-Elysées Too Much came to me by mistake. I have ordered deo of Champs-Elysées but they send Too Much. Well after calling elder sister cheery what can i call that one? It is even brighter and sparkling. The mimosa and almond blossom part is a bit decreased or smoothed and scent comes closer to a cypree but still great. May be it is calling more to a common sense. now if you like mimosa or almond flowers you must have one of them. If you want too much of mimosa you should get elder one just Champs-Elysées. but if you have a smooth flowery mimosa scent get too much then.

Too Much has strong Almond /Woodsy notes in the base and is sweeter and stronger than the original-- If you don't like almondy tones and fruit, don't go for it. However, my daughter loves it and loves the incredible bottle. so from her, a thumbs up.

I wore Champs Elysées, the original, about 10 years ago as one of my weekly rotation scents; this was back in the day when I owned only about 10 bottles of perfume. But I have to say that I've never received that many complements on any of my fragrances except maybe Samsara and Sun by Jil Sander at the time. Champs Elysées is so beautiful and passionate... I wore it for many years, then when 'Too Much Champs Elysées' came out I got a bottle of it instead of the original when I ran out, and for some reason the complements ceased to roll in. Even though I thought that Too Much was ‘identical' to my original, (what did I know back then LOL), there was something missing and little by little, I almost forgot about my Champs Elysées original altogether. I also stopped wearing Too Much as well. It sort of got left behind. A little while ago I found the almost full bottle of Too Much and I remembered how much I loved and enjoyed the original Champs Elysées. Since then I've repurchased the original and I will not look back. I guess that Too Much just didn't work for me.

I bought a bottle of Too Much several years ago at Marshall's. I suppose it bombed sales-wise, ergo the bargain bin. I like it. Too Much is very similar to the first Champs Elysees (which I've also worn and liked) but it's different in that it's more effervescent, and to my nose it isn't greener but rather fruitier (tart) than CE. It's sunnier. It lasts a long time on me, too.

I purchased a gift set of this for a song untested. Imagine a green Champs Elysees and/or Guerlain's Secret Intention. Worth a try, but not near as good as the original.

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