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Champs-Elysées by Guerlain

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Reorchestrated and reintroduced in 1996.

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Reviews of Champs-Elysées by Guerlain

There are 67 reviews of Champs-Elysées by Guerlain.

Like a torrid affair. This is a sumptuous bouquet of mimosa and with flacks of green. Sweet but not cacophonous, instead it's melange of accords give off a luxurious feel. In the realm of poison and cohorts, the addiction of spice above fruit and wood gives of a magical feel, quite dreamy. And this one certainly feels like a daydream brings to mind a beautiful french woman in an alluringly simple, strappy bodice and voluminous skirt pair, late spring, when everything is in full bloom.

Smooth, floral and just heavenly. Bright fruity start turns into a complex melange of flowers, mimosa and lilac being the most obvious to me. There are woody notes that make it even more charming that radiates far beyond the skin whose warmth proples it, and lasts all day. It's golden, sunny, joyful, wholesome like a wedding or an easter sunday with everyone all dressed up and easter egg hunting. If you are looking a huge mimosa & lilac fan and adore the big classy fragrances of the 90's, so this one suits your well.

Floral opening that has a slight fruity accord. Very feminine. Moderately sweet and airy mimosa, with almond blossoms follow. Rose is dry. This was released in 1904? Smells rather modern to me. I am sure my sample is newer, a reform, anyway.

I am unfamiliar with Buddleia. I am probably smelling it, not knowing what it is. The mimosa keeps on shining through, while the rose is more delicate. I still get some fruitiness, as in peach, or assorted berries, although they become lighter and soapier with time.

Floral notes become even more prolific. Hibiscus appears, almost tea-like. A slight almond-y wood, as well. Overall, this is pretty. Nothing particularly stands out but, I will state, I really enjoy mimosa here. It is not always a fave flower of mine. This is pleasant enough for daily wear, anywhere, in warm months.

Three dancers - Valadon, Suzanne - 1916

I have to admit, I bought the pure Parfum in the Winter and I really didn't think it was a complex fragrance. It smelled to me a lot like all the other Millennials. However, I put some on today about 5 hours ago in 90 degree heat. Again the opening of this fragrance is so ordinary, but, an hour later it absolutely blossomed. I kept smelling my wrist thinking,Wow, how did I miss this before!! I fell in love. I am not a floral or fruity fragrance gal but I really love the heart notes on this one. About 2 to 3 hours later, the Guerlainade started to come out. I agree this is not as heavy as my favorite drydown in Vintage Shalimar, Vol De Nuit, Parure and even L'heure Bleue, but it is perfect for the summertime.
I bought another Parfum on line today for a great price. Maybe the EDT and EDP are watery but the Parfum is not.
This gets a thumbs up!

Hibiscus, almond powder, and a drop of anise top off a largely rose and not-quite tuberose(?) floral. Kind of prim, and competently made, but I'm not quite sold. The peach is a nice touch, though.

This perfume reminds me of the smell of Halo shampoo..remember? That blue shampoo from the 60's?? However, that is not a bad thing, because I absolutely LOVED that smell and was thrilled when I found it in Champs-Elysee. In short: clean and floral with a mysterious note that is hard to define. Appropriate at all times

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