Chamade Extrait 
Guerlain (1969)

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Created to symbolise a complete surrender to love. The bottle features a heart which has flipped upside-down.

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Reviews of Chamade Extrait by Guerlain

There are 1 reviews of Chamade Extrait by Guerlain.

I thought I knew Chamade, but that was before I smelled the vintage extrait. Now--oh my--I am completely entranced. I tend to love the unpredictable and changeable, both in nature and in humans, so I guess it isn't that surprising that I am rather taken with this scent. As anyone who has smelled this fragrance for any length of time will attest, 'mercurial' is its middle name. What you get at the beginning is definitely not what you get at the middle or at the end. Someone on Fragrantica referred to Chamade as a 'lightning-and-thunder' scent, and I agree. This Guerlain first strikes with a greenness that is practically blinding thanks to its double whammy of galbanum and narcissus. But just when you start bemoaning the fact that you hadn't signed up for the taloned greens of Private Collection or No. 19, an amazing transformation takes place. In some of the smoothest shape-shifting ever, Chamade sheaths its teeth and claws and rolls gently over, revealing the softest, most rosey and downy of underbellies, complete with a blush of baby-pink powder that invites you to come ever closer. This new iteration purrs along for hours and hours, causing the wearer to sigh in comfort and delight. How this astonishing sleight-of-hand is achieved, I have no idea, I simply revel in its magic.

Love, pure love.
May 3, 2021

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