CH Men Sport fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aquatic notes, bergamot, grapefruit
  • Heart

    • sage, szechuan pepper, juniper
  • Base

    • sandalwood, vetiver, oakmoss

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This is a spicy fragrance and far from the sweet bombs that are so popular nowadays. I find this to be rather distinctive for being a sport flanker and mislabeled as a sport frag. It starts out with a touch of grapefruit and sage at the top then quickly gets spicy. A lot of pepper and a bit of juniper come through. I detect no aquatic notes at all. When it dries down, the sandalwood and vetiver come out of it. Creamy with just a touch the vetiver. I wouldn't use this in the same situations as other typical sport scents. I can see this in the spring/early fall and on cooler summer days and also evenings. I would not use this on the hottest days of summer.

Projection and longevity are above average with this one. I get a couple hours of good projection and get about 8+ hours for longevity with it settling a little closer around the 3 hour mark.

All and all this is not the terrible fragrance that others make it out to be. Even if you blind buy it and don't like it, you're only out of your lunch money for a day because it's so cheap at discount stores.
11th September 2022
A surprising blind buy for me. On a quest for a decent designer fresh "dumb grab" for a guy who normally likes weird and woody scents, I decided to pick this up based on some interesting reviews online.

Long story short, it's eerily close to CDG's Blue Santal. This is a tiny bit more aquatic, but not too bad since i don't like that note much...but seems to have a slightly brighter attitude. The aquatic notes are blended or represented by juniper, so they hide in the background a bit. I got rid of my bottle of BS a few years ago, probably because it didn't stand up (in a few ways). Considering the price on this, and the fact that the bottle stands up, it seems to be a keeper.

Interestingly, this was released before the CDG scent, at least according to what's in the database here.
16th August 2021

Oh yuck, this is just vulgar. This needs to be thrown in the pit and forgotten that it ever came to fruition.

Just a horrible mixture of wtf. It comes together and smells like pure bergamot oil; like the kind you use for aromatherapy, not on skin, and a bunch of woods and spices. All very synthetic smelling to my nose, at that. I already dislike Habit Rouge, but this is like, if Habit Rouge was modernized, but with the cheapest ingredients you could find, and then a thick pungent bergamot.. that's what this smells like.

It's a scrubber for me, and I've only scrubbed off maybe 30 or so fragrances out of the thousands I've tried on my skin!
31st March 2021
This scent reminds me of Marc Jacobs for Men, which I absolutely love. Glad I found another alternative for it. The notes give it a "coconut" scent without smelling like suntan lotion, which I like. Good fragrance for spring/summer!
24th July 2017
First 10 minutes CH Men smells very crisp and spicy, to me it's not "fresh" or "sport" at all. It has a very unnatural, synthetic feeling, giving me a bit headache especially in sprint, summer temperatures. For winter it can be a better choice, but one who thinks this might be similar to 212 Men in any way should reconsider. It's not a safe scent to blind buy and it doesn't feel good at all. A certain thumbs down.
3rd June 2017
I think I might be the only one picking up a coconut kind of a vibe in this fragrance. This is actually really good. To me it's far from generic or bland, I think when you automatically attach the name "Sport" on a fragrance it kind of already gives the perception of blandness, but i'm glad I gave this one a chance and took the public opinion with a grain of salt, it really grew up me. One thing I do agree is that the name "Sport" can be misleading, this is got a very nice coconut, vetiver and woody vibe that is very versatile. And surprisingly for a "Sport" fragrance the performance is quite good. Another hit for me in the CH Line, very impressed!
28th February 2017
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