CH Men Privé fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, lavender, sage, red thyme, cardamom
  • Heart

    • whiskey
  • Base

    • leather, benzoin, tonka

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Latest Reviews of CH Men Privé

I thought I would give this a go based on the reviews and the non niche price point. Always happy to have an open mind and spend less.
Generic designer dressed up in frills and pretentious haute cuisine nomenclature in the hope that your olfactory perception dear consumer will be influenced by association.
We are not stupid.
If you want generic there are far better cheaper fragrances.
3rd January 2022
Ahhh heck...saw lots of raving about this and opted for a blind buy at a local discounter with no testers available. Ugh.

Yes, it's plenty nice but very similar to my nose to YSL La Nuit which I love. Offers no improvement over La Nuit to me and has less longevity.

I think it's fine scent, just doesn't improve on a scent I already wear a lot.

Blind and learn. At least it wasn't pricey.

My two cents- go for La Nuit.
17th October 2021

Excellent bottle, mediocre fragrance. Prada Luna Rossa (dusty-spicy) encouters Mont Blanc Emblem and Ysl La Nuit de l'Homme in a sort of boozy-cardamomish aromatic buffet. Lot of cardamom, the watery peppery initial vibe is by soon kind of boozy and definitely dusty/sugary/aromatic. Grapefruit is polarizing during the first ten minutes along with a dusty-watery cardamom. Dry down is far better with a more restrained and virile twist of leather and benzoin (and a fortunately moderate woody - pencil shavings - effect). This juice is a variant of several other woody contemporary appointments. Nothing bad but nothing new under the sun.
8th April 2019
a fantastic mainstream scent. smells great.. whisky,leather, and a boozy attitude. cant go wrong by adding this 1 to you roster. i just dont reach for it often,as of now.
25th January 2019
Another gorgeous aroma that I'm proud to sport. The drydown is such an epic scent; a dark, proud, seductive vibe... the scent of temptation on a gorgeous night under the stars.

Longevity is the only thing I wish could be longer, but the frag itself is simply EPIC.
28th December 2018
This scent projects nicely with a smooth, soft lavender based traditional aroma. There is a pure sweetness and spice that reminds me of cinnamon sugar cookies at the opening. This sweet spiced accord has some slight whiskey leather complexity on its way to an herbal lavender and thyme toned tonka soft powder base. CH Men Prive is a well put together fragrance that will pair nicely with a suit and tie. Rated 7.5 of 10 stars.
13th June 2018
2018 - I was pretty shocked at how poor the quality was of CH Men Prive because it is not cheap. It is a barely there watered down skin scent. Perhaps at one time the quality was better? I don't get much sweetness from this just a sharp boozy note that sits close to the skin and is not pleasant for the wearer. Don't believe the hype. Find something better quality.
7th June 2018
Amazing scent from Carolina Herrera!

CH Men Privé is a warm oriental scent, loaded with spices and dark, inviting leather-benzoin-tonka foundation. Lavender shimmers throughout the heart of this beautifully crafted scent, and the whiskey accord adds a sophisticated, sexy touch. I did not get a lot of the citrus fruit listed in the head (i.e. pomelo and grapefruit), but those blend subtly in and add fruit accents that play well with the melange of spices (thyme, sage, cardamom).

This fragrance feels like many others I have experienced before, yet it also seems unique. Great for warm weather informal and even formal occasions. And it doesn't quite mimic the hordes of colognes currently out in the market that all smell so alike (along the lines of Armani's Stronger With You), so it has enough character of its own not to be mistaken for another.

Lovely fragrance, highly recommended.

2nd May 2018
My go to boozy/spicy "date night / leather jacket" frag. Love it.
30th April 2018
Absolutely fantastic vanilla based scent (at least on my skin) while keeping that masculine base note. Just wish it lasted longer
1st December 2017
This is no masterpiece. It does not smell of expensive ingredients. It is not groundbreaking.

However................This is damn nice!! I mean really nice.

I can see why Women compliment this one. It has that sweet sugar vibe which they are a sucker for but then you get this boozy/leather vibe which gives it a masculine edge and stops it becoming too young.

Very impressed!!
3rd October 2017
Very masculine, boozy, leathery scent that also showcases a powdery cardamom nicely.

Feels more mature and dressed up but it's still a modern fragrance with plenty of macho-sweetness.

Projection is good, just enough to let others smell you when passing by but won't clear the room.
13th September 2017