CH Grand Tour for Men fragrance notes

  • Head

    • yerba mate tea, incense
  • Heart

    • cinnamon, nutmeg
  • Base

    • mahogany wood, suede leather

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If I'm comparing to the versions of CH Men that I've tried, Grand Tour does some similarities but differs in the following:

Not as spicy as the original CH Men.

Not as beachy as CH Men Africa.

Not as leathery as CH Men Prive but seems the most similar otherwise.

Grand Tour has a noticeable green herbal scent that comes out after the familiar sweet opening. This should be the Yerba mate tea.

Very pleasant throughout with a unique heart via the tea it the late drydown is most similar to the Prive version.

Good projection for a couple hours and then it sits close to skin. Lasts 7-8 hours on clothes.
15th March 2021
Agree with Buysblind on everything he said about this gem. This is still quite similar to the regular CH Men but made better in many key areas such as the added spices, the suede is a little more prominent, and performance is better. The violet and grass are toned down, and the sugar sweetness is more of a Tonka bean sweetness, and skews the overall scent into a much more oriental-styled fragrance. This is undoubtedly a grown-up version of the original and I love this one even more!
16th February 2017

CH Men Grand Tour is a worthy limited edition release flanking the often lauded and occasionally disparaged, CH Men. Of the four flankers surrounding CH Men (others include Sport, Africa, and Prive), Grand Tour is the best, and you will certainly enjoy it if you are already a fan of the original, and it's possible you'll like it even if you are not. Grand Tour maintains the basic DNA of CH Men; a spicy sugar cane note over saffron and leather. However, the portions have been adjusted, and the leather (suede) note is stronger and more upfront than in the original. Furthermore, some vanilla has been added to the base, which compliments it well as it transitions from the darker mid. This is a darker and deeper version of CH Men. The opening is not as sweet as the original, since the sugar cane note has been toned down and the leather amped up. It is a solid leather note--clean and plush--and it lends some welcome maturity to the fragrance, while keeping it soft and sensual at the same time. The spices are more robust here as well, and they work in tandem with the leather to create a bolder, stronger character. Grand Tour just seems to have more dimension to it. While I'm a big fan of CH Men, in comparison to Grand Tour it does not feel as substantial, and Grand Tour really seems be of a superior quality. That's not to say that I like it more--I still find CH Men a little easier to wear--but I can safely say that it's worth the extra cash for Grand Tour, as you're moving up along the quality scale. If I were to explain how I see the differences between the two fragrances, other than the notes, I'd say this: CH Men is a great fragrance to wear on a loose, casual night out. Grand Tour can be reserved for nights with a little more purpose or import. Grand Tour is a grown up's version of CH Men, with a little more class, severity, and elegance.

Is it worth owning both? In my opinion, it is not. As my bottle of CH Men has become very close to empty, I will gladly replace it with a bottle of Grand Tour, as their effect is nearly the same and everything I loved about the original is still in tact. However, I'm ready to move up and find this limited edition will suit me well this winter and offer just enough of a change to keep things interesting. If you're the kind of person that likes to own entire lines, then absolutely track this down and add it to your CH Men collection. You won't be disappointed.

Projection is very good and longevity is excellent.
19th August 2015