CH Eau de Parfum Sublime fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, passion flower
  • Heart

    • rose, orchid
  • Base

    • patchouli, moss, leather, amber

Latest Reviews of CH Eau de Parfum Sublime

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Summary: not bad, almost there. If it had less passionflower and more leather, maybe I would love it.


I own a sample and have tested it several times.

It does not give me the same impression every time. Sometimes I get more rose and patchouli and a hint of leather (I prefer those times). Other times it's more passion fruit bark (the passionflower?) and it's not my thing.

Well done and pleasant-ish, but too fruity for my taste. Still, could be a good sophisticated option for those who love sweet fruity fragrances.


Update: The sample is now almost finished. It is actually quite intense as it warms over my body, and while in the beginning I enjoy it, the fruity note does not agree with my nose.

My tastes have evolved and now I enjoy other non-citrus fruit notes: apple and pear and apricot, as long as they're juicy and not too sweet; cherry, as long as it is boozy instead of candy-ish. But this passionfruit note just smells odd to me. And I do love passionfruit.
8th November 2016
Simply a successful formula, temperamental and sexy. The combination of passion fruit, dark patchouli and orchid elicits a sort of ostensible violet-blackberries type of accord. A touch of opening bergamot provides complexity and articulation, for the rest I detect a huge galaxolide combined with synthetic amber and creamy cedarwood. Along the way the amber starts to "retire itself" (I mean to work in a more restrained way) and a touch of leather comes up as flanked by a "berrish type" of resinous oakmoss conjuring me conceptually the The Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest's type of fruity-boise atmosphere (actually I detect the "leather-like" aroma since the beginning as associated to this fruity-floral musky accord). Cute bottle (strategic part of the project) violet coloured as (ideally) its boise berrish-like aroma.
25th January 2015