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Cerruti (2007)

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Cerruti pour Homme by Cerruti

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Cerruti pour Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 2007 by Cerruti

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Reviews of Cerruti pour Homme by Cerruti

There are 17 reviews of Cerruti pour Homme by Cerruti.

Cerruti pour Homme - Cerruti
I imagine this scent is the result of copy- and pasting all the masculine perfumes of the last 35 years together and let a computer calculate the optimal average blend and than crank up its volume a few notches. Of course that doesnt work.

Starts out with an Original Santal and Mont Blanc Legend opening which is very nice. From the opening the mid this just falls flat on it's face. The mid smells like a cheap shampoo and the dry down smells of rubbing alcohol. Projection and longevity are fortunately awful and this last for a total of 2 hours. Think I bought this for $12 and it's honestly not worth that.

Cerruit Pour Homme (CPH)... A pleasant surprise...

Like some of my colleagues in the review world, it has been a while since last wearing Cerruti Pour Homme. Today - I dusted (not literally - my house is spotless..) off the bottle and gave it a shot.. As others have commented, it was a pleasant surprise. I had forgotten how pleasant the CPH scent is - a soft blend of citrus and woodsy notes that has a beautiful dry down into a powdery, woodsy, and fruity blend that is very easy on the nose. With a growing collection, it is often difficult deciding the "fragrance of the day" - trust me - the interval from now until the next CPH wearing will be brief. The projection and sillage are first rate during the first four to five hours and then settling close to skin level. The fragrance lasts much longer on clothing - it remains on my business shirt following a 10-hour day. (Rather than working the traditional 'compressed scheduled' - I think I am on a 'depressed schedule'). The beauty of CPH is the flexibility. While having notes of citrus and fruit, the woodsy notes are strong enough to be worn during any time of year and for any occasion. While wearing today, I was smiling and genuinely happy throughout - that said, I would label CPH has a day fragrance, but again, the fragrance is versatile enough to be worn at night. With the moderate projection and sillage, CPH is definitely "office friendly" and a safe fragrance for those with a sensitive noses. No compliments (a.k.a.the Wow Factor) today, but the potential exists. Personally, I beat to my own drum and if I like it, I wear it with confidence..!!

CPH can be hard to find, but some on-line sites still carry - and at a reasonable price. The bottling and packaging are first class. The bottle and cap (unique design) are some of my favorites. My evaluation of CPH is 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. With that comes a solid recommendation to add CPH to your collection.

The daily I.M. - "We should never search for something that we will never find... Instead - search for Happiness.."

One of my favorite office frags. It is an absolute beast in terms of longevity. I typically put it on around 7:30AM, and a wonderful waft just hit me at 4:15PM. I really enjoy the smell even though it isn't anything mind-blowing. It just seems like such a well-crafted frag with a sense of balance.

The effect of this juice on my skin is that of an "oceanic" light citrus with dark marshmallow-like undertones.

It is neither unique nor very good in my estimation. Typical of the designer men's fragrances over the past few decades showing little imagination nor creativity.

I really do like this one - the problem is that I can't quite figure out when I should wear it. It's masculine and dressy enough to wear with a tie, but I bought it as something to try out at the office. For some reason, the top notes linger longer than they should for my nose. I really like the base, but it takes a good two hours for it to reach that point. I have a full bottle (which is about as cool as cool bottles get)...and I will update this review as I wear it more often. There is something in this one that sends me into olfactory overload. Can't quite place it. It does smell nice...

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