Very fresh. The fragrance is ideal for day wear. Check out the spray mechanism, it is funky!

Cerruti Image fragrance notes

  • Head

    • barbanacia leaf, birch leaf, pear william, mint, bergamot, juniper berry, lemon oil, black pepper
  • Heart

    • atlantic cypress, fig leaf, jasmine, gaiac wood
  • Base

    • amber, musk, vetiver haiti, cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood

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First off I'd like to state that I do not use any toiletries that are scented. I like having clean skin, hair etc. without the synthetic fragrances that alter the scents I choose to wear by way of colognes. After all, don't we wear fragrances to make a statement? Or to say something about ourselves, who we are? That being said, I've been wearing Cerruti Image since its introduction. It is a very light, playful fragrance. I wear it in any season whenever I want to express a lighthearted, playful side of myself. I've received compliments by both men and women and that's an uplifting feeling in itself. This fragrance reminds me of homemade Italian Lemonade straight from Chicago's Little Italy neighborhood. It is the perfect blend of sweet and heat. A very masculine scent without screaming testosterone here! Cerruti hit a Grand Slam with this fragrance. It lasts all day on my skin and doesn't leave a long trail that says, "Kilroy was here" hours ago! There are many other similar scents on the market, none of which, in my opinion, have the personality as Image does.
2nd February 2018
I have been using Cerruti Image ever since it was introduced. I find it to be a very light and fresh fragrance. It is a very nice summer scent and very safe for the office. It lasts longer on clothes than on the skin. The pear, banana leaf and plumb give this fragrance a very fruity feel at first. Then it blends with the jasmine and musk and wow. The bottle is beautiful and the price even better
20th May 2016

ADVERTISEMENT grapes and the noted pear are here on top amd in the heart. I'm not sure that I'd describe thos as "fruity" however because there is a dry sandalwood and powdery quality that is more pervasive. Dry down brings an anemic mint note that is fleeting and a lackluster woodiness. This is an interesting fragrance overall and I don't regret purchasing it. Suitable for wearing when you only want a hint of neutral pleasant scent. Lasts 5 hours or so on skin.
25th September 2014
Cerruti Image... A summer fragrance - but, before you know it, (this) "summer" (fragrance) is over...

Yesterday, I wore and wrote a review on Image's younger sibling, Cerruti Pour Homme. Today, Image was next in my rotation of "fragrance of the day"... Image is a very pleasant scent that is fresh, clean, and a blend of fruit and floral notes. Image is easy on the nose and offers great day and Summer flexibility/versatility without being overbearing or offensive to some. It is that "fresh showered" scent that is safe for the office... I will add that given the fruity and floral notes, while masculine, this fragrance could easily be worn (and worn with confidence) by females. Now the rest of the story... Image projects well during the first hour and then settles close to the skin. With my "body chemistry", following four hours of wear in an office-type setting, the fragrance/scent is hardly noticeable. Pity - out of the bottle it is a good fragrance.

While no compliments have been received, I will add that during that first hour of wear, the "Wow Factor" could appear. This fragrance is readily available on line at moderate pricing. The bottling and packaging are first class with the nozzle adding a great touch of character to the fragrance. (kudos on the nozzle).

A final tally of Image is 3.8 stars out of 5 stars. If the longevity and projection/sillage were greater, a much higher evaluation would be warranted. For the collector, someone like me who is borderline OCD (ok - yes, I am OCD about certain things), add Image to your collection. The "price is right" and I love the scent and nozzle. For the person seeking a quality summer fragrance, maybe pass - there are more fragrances out there that last longer.

The daily I.M. - "Dream BIG and Dream OFTEN - you may not capture all your dreams, but be glad/happy that you had/have dreams.."
13th June 2014
I found Cerruti Image as one of those scents perfect for work setting: clean and fresh with a quiet projection. On my skin, it didn't last as long as I wanted, but I had no problems reapplying mid-day as the scent is inoffensive. The scent is a little fruity and a little sweet, but manly. The lever sprayer is a nice feature – adds character to the bottle.

Cerruti Image is a very good fragrance if you are looking for a safe scent for warmer season.
7th March 2014
A beautiful fresh, fruity long lasting fragrance with some herbs. One of Cerutti's best ever in my opinion.
28th October 2012
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