Cerisier en Fleurs 
Yves Rocher (2014)

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Cerisier en Fleurs by Yves Rocher

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Cerisier en Fleurs is a women's perfume launched in 2014 by Yves Rocher

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Reviews of Cerisier en Fleurs by Yves Rocher

There are 2 reviews of Cerisier en Fleurs by Yves Rocher.

A light, pretty, true to life cherry blossom scent. I wish it was a bigger scent only because cherry blossoms smell so wonderful. I haven't tried layering over the YR lotion, but have layered it over BBW's Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion since I already had some on hand and it helps with longevity.

This is a really delicious perfume that sprays on smelling like cherry-flavored candy! I don't find that the scent changes very much as it dries down, and mostly comes across as both powdery-floral and sweet. Mostly very sweet though. I almost want to compare it to "Paris" by Yves Saint Laurent, but that might be a misleading comparison as that perfume is quite strong, and this one is mostly very sheer, subtle and light, almost more like a body mist than a perfume. It is like the very shy, sweet and more quiet cousin of "Paris." It smells great though, and I highly recommend buying a bottle of it, especially if you're a fan of sweet fruity-florals. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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