Central Park fragrance notes

  • Head

    • verbena, basil
  • Heart

    • muguet, water jasmine
  • Base

    • blue cedar, cashmere musk, patchouli

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Central Park is an older Bond fragrance that can easily be found at a discount for anyone who has appeal to green herbal fragrances. CP is a nice, safe office type fragrance that would never offend and smells boringly decent for any occasion. But IMO Central Park is too generic for a Bond scent and there are much better modern Bondesque signature options in this genre, including Riverside Dr., H.O.T. Always and several of the I Love NY line.

Bond fragrances are made to stand out from the crowd, and for this price, why buy their most generic scent? I love Bond, but CP is below average for them.
8th January 2016
crispy green with huge sillage....
spicy and woody, very fresh and exhilarating... one of those scents made to enhance your mood..great and simple..very "bond-ish" too! Good for winter and spring....

11th January 2014

I'll rate it neutral as I'm not impressed. Sure it smells a bit like glass cleanser, for cleaning windows actually, to be more precise. Even better yet, reminds me of the smell of car washing foam. In style it's quite close to Silver Mountain by Creed but Creed is much more soft, refined mayhaps, whilst Central Park Bond No.9 is sharper and tad bit more herbal-lets say. In a way It's quite a cold fragrance, sort of aromatic and a bit green. I'd most certainly give it more credits if its price was lower. This fragrance doesn't justify its cost, but I don't think that's its ultimate flaw. Despite all, it manages to create a certain spark of emotion.
2nd December 2013
Opens up very synthetic, like thing i use to clean bathroom, soar, acidic, concentrated citrusy, unpleasant, i rarely got such associations before.

Later develops into citrus-green smell.i think this is one of the worst things i have ever tried:-)
20th April 2013
In Bond fashion, this is a loud brash fragrance. Green and citrus, with florals, trouble is there is a strange odor of children's balloons. The smell when you open a bag of balloons, stretch one and begin to blow it up. That scent doesn't go with verbena and lime...
28th January 2013
Nasty stuff. Did Robertet have a bad experience in Central Park? Stale and sour, with notes of cleaning fluid.
30th November 2012
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