Maître Parfumeur et Gantier (1991)

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Reviews of Centaure by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

There are 24 reviews of Centaure by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier.

Whoooaaa boy! This one starts smelling a lot better once it stops kickin' and settles down.

Upper bod man/lower bod horse? Is that what they were thinking ?

From another site:
Orange, mint, petitgrain, lemon
Black currant, lavender, fir, jasmine, neroli
Musk, oakmoss, vetiver, tobacco

Hmmm. It all comes off kind of like a strawberry jolly rancher that's somehow lost most of its candy sweetness. I sense quality, but this simply holds no appeal to me as a masculine scent. Not at all my style… perhaps better suited for fans of things like Roma Uomo, Picasso Minotaure, Creed SMW, or Caron L'Anarchiste.
Jan 8, 2018

Genre: Fougère

Centaure starts out with brisk, tart citrus notes and lavender. Lots of lavender. Very real, stuffed-your-nose-in-a-sachet lavender. Then some more lavender.

Next comes soap. With lavender. Then, after 15 or 20 minutes, some sweeter floral notes squeeze in to round out the lavender and turn Centaure into more than a one-note concert piece. Woods and some very nicely rendered spices lift up the florals and further displace the lavender. The much-discussed mint is next at bat, and once it arrives it dominates the game. Centaure chugs along for quite some time in mint/woods/floral mode, sweetening very slowly as it goes.

Mint, I must say, is not a great note for me. I have a hard time perceiving it as anything but synthetic, especially when it dominates a fragrance as completely as in Centaure. If there's any black currant in this mix I'm not getting it under all the mint and lavender. As with other MPG scents I know, longevity is good, and there's plenty of projection. Good, I suppose, if you like mint, but I'm going to pass.
Jun 11, 2014

This fragrance seems to have two distinct personalities that smells both modern and classically French at the same time.

The first personality is the scent diffused in the air that you experience either from re-entering the room in which you sprayed it in or from getting whiffs of the sillage. This part of Centaure is a single accord that smells unmistakably like sweet synthetic black current. It is pleasant and in perfect harmony but I have no doubt that there are various molecules that my untrained nose simply cannot make out.

The second personality is the scent on the skin. This is much more complex and contains all the notes which other reviewers have mentioned: lavender, mint and vetiver. This is where the classic French signature of MPG comes through.

This is one of my favourites!
Nov 29, 2011

First, a disclosure: I have become a big fan of MPG fragrances (Santal Noble, Jardin du Nil, Racine, Fraiche Badiane) despite their limited availability and expensive price tags. I was a bit timid to try Centaure on a blind basis, but did so in a leap of faith. Fortunately, it did not disappoint. MPG, in my opinion, produces some of the most unusual, unique colognes in the niche market. “Love” would be too strong a word, but I can definitely say I haven't yet found one that wasn't interesting enough to like. Centaure falls in this category. I find it hard to pick out many individual notes in this (or most other colognes) but I certainly detect the lavender, mixed with woodsy notes in the middle and yes, the mint throughout. Anchoring the bottom are a pleasant tobacco and vetiver, again tinged slightly by mint. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I do not find the mint to be overwhelming nor offensive. It is a soft mint that lurks in the background just enough to make Centaure yet another unique, nice cologne from the extreme-high-quality MPG stable. Sillage is good (not monstrous) and longevity is excellent. Not for everyone, I realize, but absolutely for me.
Apr 2, 2010

I'm surprised by all the negative and lukewarm reviews. Lavender, mint and tobacco, moistened with honey. The coldness and bite of the lavender and mint and the warmth of the tobacco and honey somehow blend together seamlessly creating an accord that is Ihot and cold at the same time, as well as smooth and sharp at the same time. Very masculine and somehwat formal. Certainly worth checking out at the very least, and worth having a bottle in my case.


A little update 5 years later. As time goes by, while I still have the same fascination for scents and the same enthusiasm for discovering new ones, I find myself wearing only a few fragrances on a regular basis, and the rest of my collection just on random occasion or at night just for fun. In this new regime, Centaure has become the staple cold weather fragrance of my collection. It's just so perfect. That crisp mint-lavender like the cold winter air, and the tobacco and honey like the heat of your body emerging triumphant in it, reveling in it. A much underappreciated masterpiece in my opinion!
Jun 19, 2009

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