Cendres de Thé 
Phaedon (2011)

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Cendres de Thé by Phaedon

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Cendres de Thé is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Phaedon

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Reviews of Cendres de Thé by Phaedon

There are 4 reviews of Cendres de Thé by Phaedon.

On opening I get a cardamom smelling tea with a kind of milky feel to it...starts out showing a little promise...very weak... almost like it's not even there unless you put your nose right up to it and breathe deeply..then that synthetic smelling mall fragrance wood just comes rolling in...that's about it in a nutshell...nothing of real interest...I've sampled a bunch of Phaedon fragrances and found them all lacking in the projection and longevity departments... this house has some decent ideas that could have been decent fragrances but execution and quality of ingredients is lacking...

Cheryl summed this fragrance up pretty perfectly for me.

Opens dry (black Tea), peppery, dusty, a little boozy, sharp and citric. The booziness is gone in seconds, then the woods and cardamom make themselves known. The pepperiness is light but very upfront like it's resting on a sea of iso E. It makes my nostrils sting a little.

From the moment you spray this there are intervals when the scent seems hard to detect. Perhaps it is a reaction to that chemical pepperiness but it seems a little hard to pin down. Within five minutes you are left with a pleasant smelling peppery, musky, rose soap with a hint of chai, so sheer it is almost invisible. The cardamom lurks underneath smelling a bit dirty.

Ultimately, I find this pleasant but pointless. The longevity and projection are worse than Penhaligon's Juniper Sling. I expected much more from a fragrance listing camphor and myrrh in it's notes. A rejig could be fantastic. The potential is evident but unrealised.

This is similar to the first sample I had from this line in that there may be something perfectly pleasant....not sure...but I don't know because it is only faintly detectable. This smells like a fresh cedar-y slightly cardamon-y masculine scent about 8 hours after application...except right away. It sort of reminds me of soap. It strives to be clean...and the rich notes listed above in no way colour what I smell on my skin. I'm feeling sad so far! I want to shake the perfumer and say "MORE!!!!!! We want so much more. Don't be shy."
(A few minutes later) Actually there is a little bit of throw in this after all. A kind of synthetic "fresh" note is pretty annoying and making me feel slightly ill. So, I'm downgrade past neutral-undetectable to...uh, not good.

This is terrible. Smells like weeds and strange chemicals. Zero projection. Zero longevity. From the note breakdown, there is musk, but I don't smell it at all. If you like smelling like weeds, try it out, but don't waste your time or money on this one guys.

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