Celtic Fire 
Union (2012)

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There are 4 reviews of Celtic Fire by Union.

This is smoke, smoke, smoke and more smoke. I've heard others say it smells like BBQ sauce, but to my nose, it is much more like a campfire. I really like it. It is very reminiscent of whisky, and a little tiny dab will last all day. More than a dab and it would not be appropriate for work, as co-workers would think you were drunk on whisky. This is great in the fall.
Aug 19, 2018

So when this arrived, I opened the envelope at the office and started smelling like I'd spilt a bottle of whiskey. This sample was the culprit, and it had only leaked a tiny bit. When sprayed to sample properly it was very, very big. It starts off with a lot of smoke and peat, again reminiscent of Scotch (Laphroig, maybe?), then something shrub-ish, woody and a bit like conifer wood - not as bright and lemony as pine, more fir and balsamic like. There was something salty under there, and even a bit yeasty (which might explain marmite being listed in the notes). The initial blast of peat calmed down a bit and it settled into a tarry/leathery-woody scent a bit closer to skin. It is less sweet and leathery than lonestar memories. While interesting, if I smelt it on someone I'd think they'd been on a whiskey bender and had some marmite toast for breakfast. And maybe lived in a forest.
Jun 15, 2018

This purely smells like a BBQ sauce to me. I can't think of something else, it keeps lingering.

Oct 24, 2015

What Swamp Thing would wear... Be sure to apply this in a well-ventilated room for it starts off suffocatingly dense and peaty before tapering off to a mildly smoky woodsy scent with leathery hints of birch tar. I don't really care for the references to Marmite, but I thought CELTIC FIRE bears a passing resemblance to Le Labo's Patchouli 24 though it wears a little more affably on the skin as the fragrance develops. If you enjoy this do try Sonoma Scent Studio's Fireside Intense. Pros: "You must be a fragrance aficionado..."Cons: "You smell... weird."
May 27, 2013

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