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Céline (2001)

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Reviews of Céline pour Femme by Céline

There are 1 reviews of Céline pour Femme by Céline.

This one starts off odd but ends up OK. The topnotes are a weird mess of boozy mint, tropical fruits with strange bile-esque undertones, and a strong but hard to describe creamy white smell that's kind of like rice milk - sort of animalic in a lactic way, but perfumey as well. It's all kind of gross, really, like some sort of awful perfume factory ingredient spill, with the liqueur aspects fighting with the bile aspects fighting with the weird milk funk. Sometimes, weirdness like this can be compelling and enjoyable. Céline pour Femme is not.

Thankfully, given an hour or so, this weird goop somehow coalesces together into something fairly nice. A waxy ylang comes out of that milky note, while the fruity bile fades and a nice chypre mix of galbanum and moss comes in. The creaminess remains, but with the ylang at the helm, it smells good. The minty liqueur smell sticks around for quite a while as well, but makes a lot more sense paired with the classic greens of the base.

I'm splitting the difference and voting neutral on Céline pour Femme, but it's really more of a thumbs down that turns into a thumbs up.
Jan 29, 2014

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