Celebes Wood 
Mizensir (2018)

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There are 2 reviews of Celebes Wood by Mizensir.

Anyone who likes Francis Kurkdjian's work will like Alberto Morallias' Mizesir project. It is a polished fragrance line loaded with synthetic materials that are well blended and high end from start to finish. The packaging and presentation are impeccable and the fragrances are well crafted and smell good. So far I've tried Celebes Wood and For Your Love. Celebes Wood smells like Morallias' tribute to Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille and For Your Love smells like his tribute to MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540. Or, they are his "take" on these already well established fragrances. They might not be complete copies, but they both smell a lot like TV and BR540. They both have amazing longevity as synthetic heavy blends do. One small spray and you're projecting like crazy all day and long into the evening. I would recommend sampling them before a full bottle purchase, especially if you own TV or BR540. I'm going to compare them head to head. So far I prefer Tobacco Vanille to Celebes Wood.

You don't need Celebes Wood if you already own Tobacco Vanille in my opinion. I also don't think Celebes Wood smells anything like Creed's Spice & Wood.
Dec 16, 2020

This was recommended to me by an ebay seller who sold me Masculine Pluriel by MFK. She told me this was her favourite of the moment and since she did not have one to sell me this added a certain verisimilitude so that I went to the Mizensir Web site and bought a sample. They sent me 3 others with it.
Perfect Oud and Golden Oud are as crystalline clean as you can imagine Oud to be, the latter with a slight smokiness and a rose accord. The former is very good and left a very pleasant aura round me which I found my nostrils flaring to pick up more of during the next few hours. Crystalline oud and cedar with a touch or rose. The latter is a superb slightly warmer weather fragrance which lasts and lasts.
Bois de Mysorie is a very pleasant sherbert orange woodie freshie. Slightly tangy and powdery, you want to smell it from a few inches away not with nose buried against your arm. A bit too peppery for me ultimately and does not last that long.
Now to the main feature.
Instant FBW.
If you have ever smelt Creed Spice and Wood and liked it or wanted to like it but found it a bit too strong and full of its own importance, then this is your new signature fragrance.
This is a light fresh woody spicy fragrance but that does not mean to say it is not warm either.Its really difficult to pick out individual notes .Maybe its the vanilla and tonka and cardamon casting a playful ephemeral veil over the labdanum and presenting it to us for our olfactory delight . So if light spicy woody masculine smooth is what you want to achieve and be able to wear practically anywhere anytime this is it. If you ready my other reviews you will see I do not hesitate to castigate where I think it is required.
I can't understand some of the few reviews I have read which describe this as heavy. That is not true.
Thank you Miss ebay seller my olfactory heart is yours. For the moment. After all life is fickle.
Btw Perfect Oud and Golden Oud are also FBW and I did.

Fragrance: 9/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7/10
Nov 19, 2020

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