Cedro di Diamante fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cedar, lime, lemon, verbena
  • Heart

    • pink pepper, ginger, cardamom, sichuan pepper
  • Base

    • iris, oakmoss, musk

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Perris Monte Carlo Cedro di Diamante is part of the Italy collection and is inspired by the diamante citron fruit. The fragrance is a lovely woody fresh lemon mix, featuring a bit of a lime/verbena sharpness, some spices in ginger/cardamom/pepper, and a pleasant dry down of iris, oakmoss, and musk. The verbena isn't screechy, nor is the spice blend particularly spicy, so the mix retains a lemon dominance and smells curiously sweet, perhaps via the particular mix, as there are not any overly sweet notes per the note breakdown.

Cedro di Diamante lacks the bite of the powerhouse lemon scent of Profumum Roma Acqua Viva, but has some sweetness, so it might be a better option for those who do not want something overpowering or sharply woody but rather a sweet/tart mix with just a touch of creaminess. It's interesting but easily enjoyable, the lemon staying centered but no other aspect taking over complete. It feels balanced, well conceived.

Overall, though, it's not quite as interesting as Arancia di Sicilia (which I previously tried / also from the Italy collection) but it's still a very nice lemon scent and could really be an enjoyable frequent wear, particularly in warmer months, so this is a nice option that I'll have to give some more thought, though upon first wear, it's slightly more a “like” than a “love”–still, I'd recommend sampling it.

Priced at $190 for 100ml like the rest of the Italy collection, Cedro di Diamante is available at Indigo Perfumery (from whom I'd recommend buying it) as well as department stores like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's.

7 out of 10
30th November 2020