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Reviews of Cédrat by Roger & Gallet

There are 4 reviews of Cédrat by Roger & Gallet.

As many R&G parfumes this is fresh, clear, clean. But the lasting power is minimal! that's why a thumb up is impossible to me!
Jun 3, 2014

What a refreshingly light version of cedar. The opening combination of cedar, grapefruit, and mint provides an effervescent citrus / cedar accord that smells almost sweet. Unfortunately, this enjoyable accord doesn't last nearly as long as I would like. The middle of basil and cardamom slow down the effervescence but not the lightness – the scent remains subtle and clear. The base, too, is clean and discreet with the same soft cedar of the opening in a mix of white amber. I'm getting used to expecting these delightful and refreshing fragrances from this company, when I find another like Cédrat, I am not surprised at all… Excellent and uplifting. Short lived, but for a R & G cologne, that should be expected.
Oct 21, 2009

Notes: cédrat lemon, grapefruit, water fruit, cardamom, basil, mint, ozonic notes, musk, cedar, white amber, vetiver.This is a delightful scent: it is light, balanced, and elegant. All the notes are apparent and distinct, and yet they are moderate in amount and natural-smelling. The citrus notes are refreshing and appealing, as are the herbal notes. Special praise to the basil, which is very true to type. The ozonic note adds to the freshness but does not dominate in a tiresome synthetic way. This is a translucent scent. The cedar is pleasantly light and woody, the vetiver is lightly grassy, the amber and musk add some depth but not heaviness. Well done!
Jan 5, 2009

Intensely fresh, this wonder of a scent has a cooling effect that's not pungent nor camphoric to the nose as other "frozen" scents, this eau fraîche parfumée is incredibly luminous,shiny and like a ray of sun, it can lighten up any day. On summer temperatures, this scent becomes a joy to wear only because the fresh lemon will never turn musky nor stale on the skin, it has the particularity to stay fresh all the time. Sadly, this scent also suffers greatly from lack of longevity, so be ready to spray numerous times throughout the day. It has notes of white amber, vetiver and ozonic notes which,again, like a ray of light, if you blink you'll miss. The sillage is allright, but nothing out of this world. Get either the 200ml spray or the 500ml splash. I know i did.
Nov 29, 2007

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