Cedrat Boise 
Mancera (2011)

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Cedrat Boise by Mancera

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Cedrat Boise is a men's fragrance launched in 2011 by Mancera

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Reviews of Cedrat Boise by Mancera

There are 54 reviews of Cedrat Boise by Mancera.

Vivid lemon, juicy blackcurrant, and sweet jasmine on a base of smooth sandalwood and dry cedar.

As close to a perfect wear anywhere at any time fragrance as I can imagine.

Cedrat Boise is not Aventus, and this is a good thing. Cedrat Boise is more uplifting than Aventus, there is no pineapple, and the smoke in Aventus would get in the way of the smooth woods in CB.

CB is linear, which is a good thing, because nothing should change when something smells this good.

Longevity and projection are very good.


It may remind you of Aventus, but it veers into its own unique direction by focusing on its fruity blackcurrant and musky vanilla note. It's a fairly linear scent, that I would consider unisex. It doesn't smell as masculine as Aventus since it emphasizes its fruitiness and sweetness and nearly removes the smokiness. It's not sickly sweet or nauseating with its fruit notes, so don't worry about it being too feminine. If you want something hyper-masculine, maybe this one isn't the right Aventus clone for you.

Hacivat is on the sour, almost citrusy side, while this one emphasizes the juiciness of the blackcurrant and adds creamy musky vanilla. This contrasts with Hacivat and smells different from each other. I don't really get pineapple; it's mainly just a bit of lemon and bergamot in the opening.

Performance is moderate. Lasts enough for the work day, but it's not a longevity beast like Hacivat or Aventus. I don't find this offensive or polarizing, so it's worth a blind-buy if you have money to burn. Try a sample, be smart.

Cedrat Boise by Mancera Review

Cedrat opens up with a nice lemon note. The lemon quickly leads into the black currant which is dominant throughout the opening.

The fruity opening leads into a powdery vanilla, cedar, and leather combination for the remainder of the wearing. It gives a woody/ashy smell to the dry down I absolutely can't get enough of it.

This is a wonderfully rich smell. Overall the fragrance is fairly linear.

This scent gets a lot of comparisons to Creed Aventus. They really aren't anything alike. They accomplish similar things, but in completely different ways. Appreciate, or hate, both of them for what they are.

The performance on this one is excellent. I use 1 spray for work and 2 sprays for everything else. It's incredibly versatile. I can see this being worn for any occasion or season. Be careful on the sprays though. This one is deceptively strong at times.

Best Age Group- 25+
Best Season(s)- Fall/Spring/Summer/Winter
Occasions- Formal, Dates, Casual, Work
Projection/Sillage- Medium
Longevity- 12 Hours
Smell- 10/10
Overall- 10/10

YouTube Channel: theaveragecologneguy

The bright lemony opening lands on a smoky and leathery vanilla. I love leather and thankfully there is a subtle but obvious dose of it. The powdery vanilla gives Cedrat a soft ambery cushion. The most of what remains an hour later is a duller Bergamot and leather, with which both marry merrily for my senses.

"Bergamot on Leather"

Hi Guys,

I'm no specialist, but here is what it is:

BASICALLY very close to ALLURE. Not close to Aventus at all.
Very mainstream and safe masculine.
It's potent too.

First spray and sniff it really smells like Aventus, confusing, I know, but that lasts maybe a minute to three.
Then it fades and fades, and at about 10 min mark You are left with ALLURE only - I was disappointed, but only because I was looking for sth special, a hidden niche gem, not sweet, masculine, not exactly Aventus (which I don't LOVE eaither, but appreciate).

Hope this helps.

This is certainly powerful for a cedrat-driven scent. I have to say, though, I'm not sure I remember L'Occitane's cedrat EDT being ever so different from CD in its overall composition. Consistent, strong sillage, if that's what you're after. In my view, it's the cedrat note that sets this composition apart from cheaper scents.

It is a little disturbing that it stays fresh for quite this long. I find it linear, unremarkable, but there's something endearing in just how much Mancera has put in for the punters.

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