Cedrat 37 
Le Labo (2021)

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Le Labo
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Exclusively available in Berlin.

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The latest City Exclusive release from Le Labo is Cedrat 37 (Berlin), released this year. It very much embodies the “cedrat” citrus/woody concept that has been often been used successfully, and this follows suit, with a fresh/tart citrus, ginger, woods, musk, and ambergris, so virtually the exact same note breakdown as last year’s release, Citron 28 (Seoul), especially considering “cedrat” and “citron” may have a lot of overlap. Still, Cedrat 37 is the cleaner, bright counterpart to Citron 28, even if Citron 28 may have a bit more of a realistic bitterness and greenness to it that Cedrat 37 does not.

Overall, Cedrat 37 is a nice, agreeable, easy winner of a woody citrus fragrance that is especially apropos in warmer weather, and seems to perform adequately, but it’s difficult to regard the standard City Exclusive pricing of $485/319/134 for 100/50/15ml as appropriate for this type of fragrance that neither strikes me as all that innovative, daring, or distinct, but perfectly good while not being amazing.

7 out of 10
Aug 6, 2021

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