Cedar Essence fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange, peppermint, lime
  • Heart

    • watermelon, blue cedar leaf, ocean notes
  • Base

    • lebanon cedarwood, crystal amber, patchouli

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Like a weaker, more minty version of BdC or mostly Versace Dylan Blue. Also, it smells cheaper. Just more unnatural/messy.

This is EdP concentration and it did last on skin for most of the day. Never loud but has decent projection.
5th April 2021
This is a double thumbs down.
After a mediocre fresh but jarring opening when you are thinking it could go either way in the dry down ie disaster or jackpot it takes a dive.
Think lemon fresh windowlene sprayed on Ikea varnished cedar with potpourri on top. Unfortunately is projects and lasts. Not quite a wash off job but almost.
Enough said.
Uomo is much better -if you must have a Ferrari fragrance- but that's relative only. Even the Neroli is preferable and thats cheap and cheerful but without class.

Fragrance: 1.5/10
Projection: 3/10
Longevity: 3.75/10
17th February 2018

The notes seem sincere, not synthetic, great marine/fresh/fruity upon application.

They, at times, seem to meld and give an aroma reminiscent of magnolia.
Really like.
8th June 2017