CB I Hate Perfume (2004)

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A bunch of clary sage and rose geranium, so it's green and sort of dark. There are some kitchen herbs on top and something vaguely citrusy underneath, along with some hamster cage cedar. This smells like an essential oil blend, complete with that weird pet store undertone.

As Caltha says in her review, if you really like green herbal smells, this may turn out to be a favorite, but it has an essential oil amateurishness that's either going to feel "indie" and naturalistic or cheap and unrefined, depending on your tastes. I'm somewhere in the middle (this is way better than most indie essential oil perfumes, but still not really what I'm into), so I'll just say "meh" and go with a neutral rating.
Nov 17, 2015

This is Christopher Brosius's re-invention of the classic men's eau de cologne, back when that term represented a very specific blend of aromatics. They tend to be citrusy, herbal, and light. CB's has a strong base lacking from the classics. It surprised me with its intensity and its deep heaviness. But i like that. Mmm-mmm-mmm.
Mar 27, 2009

It smells exactly like Aveda Gaiam did when they had it as a purefume. It's a wonderfully blended fragrance, but not for the shy.
Jun 19, 2007

Too herbal for my taste, it smells like some kind of aromatherapy oil or simply like crushing a leaf on a pottet plant between your fingers and then smelling your fingers. A green note verging on citrusy/minty/spicy/medicinal, I'm pretty sure the geranium is the culprit. As a cologne it lacks finesse, but if you really dig green scents and don't mind geranium it might work for you.
Apr 26, 2007

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