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Light fragrance that suits me when I am playing tennis or working out. I have often been asked (usually by men) what is that scent and I would like to buy some for my wife/girlfriend.
12th July 2014
As a linen spray the fragrance is timeless. Reminds me of visits to the caribbean coast. Citrus, exotic spices and a warm summer rain. Boring as a perfume. But again, an excellent linen spray. I can't get enough of it.
28th January 2009

I agree with tvlampboy.A boring citrus, rather pointless. It might be ok used as a room spray, though.
25th June 2008
Remember Lemon Pledge? Apparently, C&E did, too. This remarkably linear citrus was essentially a mixture of little old lady verbena and Lemon Pledge. I thought they'd discontinued it, but apparently the "winds" are still blowing.
2nd October 2006