Exclusive to Turin.

Cavour 1 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • quince, fruity notes
  • Heart

    • moroccan rose absolute, patchouli, dark chocolate, omani rose, red fruits
  • Base

    • madagascan vanilla, caramel, oud, amber, musk, cashmere accord

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I’ve made no secret of my disaffection for gourmands, so I should surprise no one by panning Via Cavour 1. Only, I’m not going to. This is a particularly (if not uncharacteristically) subtle outing for Xerjoff, with the gourmand notes sufficiently restrained to sit well into a balanced, not especially sweet or “foody” blend. This has the lightness of a soufflé—and not all that much more longevity, which would be my only criticism.

Even if it hung around all day, it wouldn’t be sufficiently to my taste to warrant a FB, especially at Xerjoff prices. But I could easily see it being worth it to someone more this way inclined. Nicely done.
9th September 2022
Opens with quince, berries and peach (the same quince that's used in casamorratti dolce amalfi)..feels so luxurious and delicious with a supporting rose and vanilla, all high quality and gorgeous. In the base is a dark chocolate patchouli that glues everything together to create a truelly stunning gourmand..never gets cloying or too sweet and lingers on the skin for many hours. Cavour 1 is a scent you can't stop smelling as it is so addictive and realistic. I feel that this creation shares a few things from jtc More than words, dolce amalfi and noir de noir but of the 3 this is my favourite..the balance is absolutely perfect.
30th March 2020

Review above is perfect!...

Love this fragrance! Xerjoff makes some great beautiful fragrances. One of my favorite fragrance houses. Sample this for sure, try it!

On my skin performs great, I Give this a five star rating, good longevity, silage...

Review | *****
Longevity | ****
Silage | ****
22nd February 2020
A really yummy oriental gourmand scent, in Xerjoff's Shooting Stars collection.

(Via) Cavour 1 has a delightful blend of fruits (quince, peach, red berries) and confections (dark chocolate, caramel) plus vanilla, yielding a creamy fruit quality that is bettered by the amazing roses (Moroccan and Omani). This delectable combo is warmed further with amber, musk, and cashmere. (Oud is barely discernible.)

Very sensual and decant worthy! :-)
26th January 2019