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Reviews of Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

There are 5 reviews of Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli.

I was given a gift set of this years ago - looked at bottle (which is so over the top in tackiness by any standards that it may in fact be some sort of ironic too cool for school joke) and shivered. I might never have opened it but curiosity got the better of me. After a couple of wears, I found myself going back to it again and again, drained the bottle and invested in another.

Lesson learned - don't look askance at pink snakeskin printed bottles with plastic snake coiled around the spray end! I've never quite decided if the snake is to keep the little round sprayer in place and then taken off to use the perfume, or if its head should be pressed down to spray.

It's very peppery and quite sweet and fruity floral on opening, with red apple mentioned in the notes, although I get a sort of sweet raspberry very light leather hit off it for some reason. It's more amber and spicy later.

It's very uplifting with all the pepper, and quite light at the same time. I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece, but it's very loveable in its way, and I like it!
Jul 19, 2017

This opens with a mix of alcohol and tingly pink pepper which is very short lived. It quickly softens to become a sweet berry fruity floral with a fizzy, sparkly quality that makes me think of sparkling rosé wine. There are some soft wood notes in there and gentle spices but for me this has a tart sweet edge that just makes me feel unwell after wearing it for too long.

It's nice and I can imagine that on the right person it would be a lovely spring/summer daytime fragrance that is inoffensive and pretty but it lacks any kind of wow factor.
Oct 2, 2016


ROBERTO CAVALI is a True ROMANTIC Perfume.A Delicate,Light Floral scent that whispers tenderly on the Skin. It has Such a Clean and Soft Scent That Everybody can wear it. In other Words Modern,Young,Exotic,Enjoyable,Sweet, Soothing,Fragrant and Italian Style.

Fresh Introductory Notes of Red Apple,Bergamot and Magnolia are Subtle and blended with notes of Freesia, Rosemary and Wild Orhicd. This Lovely EDP is Light,Calm and Elegant with Soft Woods and Amber in the base for a Touch of Warm Emotion.

It is more of a Everyday Scent. One of those Perfumes that You can wear Either Day or Night. In my opinion It is Great for a Romantic Evening in Springtime. It makes You Feel Pampered and Beautiful. I Recommend this one to a Debonair Character and Everybody that is Looking for a lightly floral fragrance with a hint of fruityness. It is Ideal for Wedding Too.


Longevity?About 5 Hours on my skin.

Dec 17, 2014

The notes in this fragrance are potent, and deep. It vaguely reminds me of Dior's Addict in a strange way. Its effect is kind of smoldering. After reading the actual notes I am mystified. I do not know what Elemi or Diastella smell like! I do know this blend is rich, elegant, and great for evening wear. Not for the faint of heart.
May 16, 2006

The first time I tried Cavalli Woman I got a real shock! This fragrance immediately connected in a strong, emotional way with memories of my grandmother but it took me a long time to figure out what the association was. I had to replay in my mind bits of memory from many years ago until eventually the puzzle was solved: the block where she lived had beautiful gardens in front which were very well tended and were wonderfully fragrant in summertime. I can't explain this from the notes credited as being part of the frag but somehow Cavalli Woman smells exactly like the mix of these garden blooms. I don't therefore find this fragrance to be achingly hip and trendy, but it is special to me as an olfactory snapshot of a lovely part of my childhood. I love the way that trying new fragrances can sometimes surprise me. Cavalli Woman is a light, creamy floral scent with notes as follows: Top: Elemi, Magnolia, Red Apple Middle: Diastella, Wild Orchid, Atlas Cedarwood. Base: Indian Sandalwood, Amber, Musk.
Mar 15, 2006

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