Cathedral (Holiday no.3) 
DSH Perfumes (2003)

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Cathedral (Holiday no.3) by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

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Cathedral (Holiday no.3) is a shared scent launched in 2003 by DSH Perfumes

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Reviews of Cathedral (Holiday no.3) by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

There are 2 reviews of Cathedral (Holiday no.3) by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.

A superb incense blend. I am most familiar with such blends, having frequented a number of monastic communities as guest and purchased same.

The olibanum (frankincense), myrrh combination here is beautifully balanced and “true.” I also detect cedar, amber and a cinnamon note. I like this far better than DSH's Adoration, which seemed to me like a not quite realized stop on the way to achieving perfection with Cathedral.

Cathedral is dry, yet warm, and most appealing for both sexes. Quite a fine and subtle olfactory achievement.

I am revising my previous review of this. More gummy and unburnt resin than smokey incense. Smells similar to Incenso with the cedarwood replaced with cinnamon.

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