Catalyst for Men 
Halston (1994)

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Reviews of Catalyst for Men by Halston

There are 41 reviews of Catalyst for Men by Halston.

Yes, nutmeg & cloves. Cloves & nutmeg. So many of the ones I like most have either or both these notes. I perceive Edition far better for this type scent re quality and performance however Catalyst is great when the flannels come out and the schedule involves less formality than say office work. Like a cudgel flanker. A good value at around $5/oz and the moisture providing quircky green after shave is great. I suggest going old. It's a favorite dumb reach.
Jan 8, 2018

Stardate 20161209:
Vintage Version.

This is a powerful masculine fragrance that lasts more than a day. Spices and SW.

The citrus,spice and SW makes it a cousin of Vintage Dunhill Edition.
Or more like a bastard child of Dunhill Edition and Aramis Havana.
It may be redundant if you have vintage Dunhill Edition (which is smoother).
But it is a cheapie so why not indulge.
Dec 9, 2016

An underrated, overlooked scent to add to one's collection! A surprisingly mature fragrance that is at once simple, then very rich and satisfying. The bottle is quite interesting, too. ;^>
Nov 12, 2016

Genre: Woody Oriental
Catalyst’s spiced apple pie top notes are at once foody and a mite chemical in a car air freshener/cheap scented candle sort of way. The fruit component bows out quickly, leaving the stage to a straightforward nutmeg and clove accord. Clove, being clove, (which is to say loathe to share the spotlight,) soon dominates, so how you feel about Catalyst will depend mostly upon how much you like clove. Woe betide you if you don’t, because Catalyst is extremely potent, and even a dab is enough to fill the room.

Catalyst ultimately winds up smelling like part of a fragrance. More precisely, it smells like part of Michel Roudnitska’s Noir Epices for Frédéric Malle. I realize it must seem both unfair and elitist to compare a bargain-priced scent like Catalyst with an expensive, limited distribution niche fragrance, but Noir Epices is so apt a demonstration of what Catalyst could have been that I can’t help myself. The Malle smells like US $135 retail, and Catalyst smells like every one of its fifteen dollars. Do I sound churlish? Just remember, a bottle of McCormick’s clove extract costs even less.
Jun 11, 2014

In my nose only Nutmeg and Cloves...but very good fragrance super long-lasting and overwhelming... Smells in every time and every situation, Warm and comfortable scent ( Like Aromatherapy)... A improvement version of Jacomo by Jocomo...CATALYST Loved n´ Recomended.
Feb 9, 2014

Sage, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Very spicy (to the point of harshness), but also musky/woody in the dry down and with some nice orange peel/apple in the opening. A good Thanksgiving frag to go along with the savory fixin's and spicy pumpkin and apple pies.
Nov 28, 2013

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