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ANOTHER one discontinued by Paul Sebastian??? I wore Casual for Men on a regular basis. I would constantly receive compliments on how great I smelled. It is an aromatic white fragrance. I found it very similar to Best of Chevignon (of which I still have two full bottles remaining in my wardrobe, as well as the original Chevignon, which smells like the now-discontinued Polo Crest). I've got only one full bottle left of Casual for Men, so I will have to use it very sparingly and now only on special occasions. Again, I can't believe they discontinued Casual for Men since it was readily available not that long ago.
28th February 2020
borderline bug sprayish yet sour citrusy due to jasmine...maybe it last a long time but some will think its harsh like bug spray and it comes close to this...but depending on your skin it may be nicer on you. I am on the fence with this one...i have to give it a few more tries and report back...its a possible headache inducer for some and while it seems citrus its synthetic through and through.
25th July 2013

Casual is the most fitting name for this fragrance, because that is exactly what Casual is. It opens up with a nice citrus blend, with some powder and musk. The top fades pretty quick into a floral heart, a floral heart which I am not at all fond of. Jasmine, jasmine, jasmine. LOTS of jasmine. Jasmine is one flower that I do not want to smell like. Fortunately it doesn't project very much at this juncture. Mostly jasmine now, backed with a little spice and powder, the citrus has died off. The jasmine just goes on and on and on, for a good 4 hours. By which point, I get more musk in the base and maybe some soft woods. Projection is below average, which makes this a good casual office scent, granted you love jasmine. Longevity is about 6 hours or so. It's one of those fragrances to me that has potential but gets killed by one or 2 notes. For me, it's the jasmine, and the musk in the base. I'm not much a fan of musk to begin with, I find the musk in this to smell very cheap, and dirty.
28th May 2012
Casual for Men starts out disconcertingly sour. For about a half-hour, the citrus is underlined by a sweetness that clashes and produces a mildly sickly note. Mercifully, this subsides fairly quickly leaving a soft and pleasant fresh floral and citrus-wood aroma in its wake. The essentially low-cost structure of this scent shows through so it is not a world-beater, but those in need of an inexpensive and slightly less generic take on fresh citrus might check this out.
4th April 2012
I read the reviews and much people love it. I bought this perfume because of this on the web. And when I got and tried.. I was very-very surprised.. It' s terrible.. The beginning was a nightmare with so many very sour citrus (this part is like a fly-killer spray) and then came the very synthetic flowers (perhaps a big dose of jasmine and very synthetic rose..worse than a 1 $ airfreshener!) And at this point I began to sneeze from this only 1 spritz.. but I've decided to wait for the drydown...which is a semi-sweet-sour something remembering me my grandfathers cheapest cologne from the ', after these I took this all with its box to throw it into the dumpster. I don't believe that anybody wants to smell like this horrific mosquito-killer kinda "perfume". Absolutely the worst! I don't recommend anyone!
22nd March 2011
Casual is nothing amazing, but it's still a pretty good dry woody/floral/ citrus scent. It's like a simpler Cerruti 1881 for Men, or a softer Kouros Fraicheur, with a subtle sweaty/stinky note (probably jasmine) underlying everything and making it interesting. Everything is buffed out nicely with soft, powdery rose in the base.

This is a very good, solidly made fragrance. I like it because it combines freshness (via citrus, not synthetics), spiciness (via wood notes), and a bit of animalic raunchiness, all at once, and in a very well balanced fashion. Fans of Monsieur Balmain, Cerruti 1881 or Kouros Fraicheur are sure to dig this.

MY RATING: 7.5/10
8th February 2011
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