Cassis en Feuille 
Miller Harris (2015)

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Reviews of Cassis en Feuille by Miller Harris

There are 2 reviews of Cassis en Feuille by Miller Harris.

This is quite sweet and fruity for me, but I like it. It's very 'gardeny' for want of a better word. I love the opening - a fresh and somewhat tart fruity (I get blackcurrant probably because I'm primed by the name!) green cloud. It's a great, easy, pleasant, all's well with the world scent and lasts nicely throughout the day. I keep saying I don't like fruit - I think the reality is that I don't like a number of particular fruit notes. I have no real problem with blackcurrant (and there's supposed to be pear in here too), but something like Cassis en Feuille is as sweet on the fruit front I'll go. I think it's genuinely sweet in the sense that there is a hint of sweetness, rather than a total sugar bomb, or that slightly overripe peach thing that appears in so many perfumes, which I really don't like at all.
Jul 10, 2017

Starts well, gets a bit sweet in the dry-down. Light enough to be "unisex" but due to its sweet nature I'd class it as feminine.
Starts with a fresh, bright bergamot -- very cheery, crisp fruit. The rose is pleasant, at first green and then deepens somewhat. Combines well with the green blackcurrant note. Hints of wood, but these are very faint. Where is the tomato leaf? That would add a note of interest, but I can't find it. Dry-down is a bit sweet and metallic.
Jul 19, 2015

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