Reviews of Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan

A bunch of flowers and musks mixed together to create a more-perfect-than-perfect clean laundry illusion.

I smell mostly fabric softener musk and a shot of bleach to really drive home that laundry illusion. If I try to sniff my way through the notes list, I can detect lily, suede, and the other listed notes, but they all melt together into a smell that simultaneously calls to mind fresh linens and some sort of fantasy detergent.

I'm dating myself here, but I always loved the smell of a Thomas Pink boutique, and this is almost exactly that, so I'm voting a hearty thumbs up for both the complex laundry illusion and the happy memories of shopping for crisp, British dress shirts.
20th July 2022
I have a sample and I'm enjoying this on me. I'm happy to think this is a success and not a disaster where I am quickly using an oil cleanser to get it I off.
This has lasted for several hours so far which is lovely. I can actually say that it got better with the warmth of my skin. This is going on my wish list.
25th October 2021

Creamy. Floral sweet. Safe. Slight suede note, like new suede leather. The flowers are well-blended. They maintain a fuzzy sweetness for a long time.

The base notes are also well-mixed. They aren't overly dark or deeply mystifyingly oriental in the traditional sense. The cashmere wood overrides any "darkness" that could have been intended. This frag stays "safe" throughout its wear. It would make a good workday scent - not much more.
8th June 2019
This is for the latest scent, a terrible mistake on me.

At first it was all toilet bowl cleaner, fake hot chocolate, with old clearance-sale unknown brand, drugstore musk and vanilla. Fake is my overwhelming impression. I don't even get the faux amber or wood anywhere in this at all, no warmth, just chem -- cheap.

After about an hour it's sickening musk, vanilla and green soap. Like an old vanilla wafer (which some great wit had already noted in a review) which fell on the floor in a parochial school washroom and soaked up that horrid green soap. All that musk is just a redundancy. But yay me for giving it a chance.

I am going to go wash it off now. Wish me luck.

17th January 2019
I wore this when my baby was little. When I went back to work, I stopped wearing it. So I associate it with nurturing.
30th November 2015
This was my favorite fragrance for years because I love it and because every time I wore it in public perfect strangers would follow me around stores until they got the nerve to ask me what I was wearing and they'd tell me wonderful I smelled! However, I use it so much that I can only smell it when I first spray it on. So I have to spray it 10 times a day or more if I want to smell it. It's pretty expensive so I try not to use it so much anymore-give my nose a break. I'm using Prada Candy now and I can smell it for hours and hours. So I don't have to spray it on too many times a day. It's expensive too, so I'm glad it's stronger than Cashmere Mist. Oh, and I ONLY like the Cashmere Mist Eau de PARFUM! The toilette just doesn't do it for me.
2nd March 2015
Clean and unchallengingCashmere Mist- I can see why this is popular and I do somewhat like it but to me, it smells of departmental store . It's clean , fresh ,fuzzy and synthetic in smell but it still smells quite good. I think what bothers me is that it sometimes smells more synthetic than I can bear. Other than that, you could do worse. This would be a good workhorse frag for every day and close encounter situations. Pros: Extreme wearablity - workhorse fragCons: Common"
20th September 2013
I love this fragrance and so does my hubby! Very sexy, creamy and dreamy. Again, not too over-powering and very feminine.
24th February 2013
Smells like soap.
18th February 2013
I bought a bottle of this in the mid 90s. While it wasn't a bad fragrance, on me all I could get was vanilla and leather. I gave the bottle away half full, I just couldn't deal with smelling like vanilla wafers at the bottom of a Coach purse any more.
9th September 2012
Not your fresh fruity scent, but rather floral and powdery. It is light, rather than heavy, which works in its favor more than anything else. It is a scent that I don't mind and I like it a little. However, it is not something that is good enough to recommend.
13th August 2012
My mother gave me a sample sized bottle [ the one that looks like the full size except with a plastic topper] in early June. I have to say the first time I tried it I put a little too much onto my wrist and the top notes can be sharp. Trying it a second time, the top notes were still a little sharp, but it dried on the skin nicely. Cashmere is very chic, and reminds me of a very thick white [and probably cashmere] blanket. The scent is sweet, and as it dries down it gets a nice vanilla, with a hint of maple syrup. Overall I enjoyed it and would probably wear this as something for a night in with someone special or a party or gathering around the fall-winter holidays. It's a bit too heavy for me to wear in the summer.
19th July 2012
Fragrances don't usually get cozier or creamier than this. Cashmere Mist gives me that calm, tranquil feeling, a sense of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

Creamy, powdery and somewhat milky, the colour white is a perfect way of describing this fragrance. It's pretty yet also sensual, very feminine and addictive.

Cashmere Mist is neither too floral, too powdery, too vanillary or too creamy. It's a nicely balanced blend, pleasing to almost every nose.

Sexy but also innocent, Cashmere Mist is a fragrance that I would recommend for any occasion and any season. It is true that there are many scents out there that are similar to Cashmere Mist, however I do still refer to this fragrance as being one of a kind.

I had no issues with the lasting power, I thought it lasted considerably well, with moderately strong sillage. Wearing Cashmere Mist is not like wearing a perfume, it feels very natural and soothing on the skin. I highly recommend.
23rd March 2012
Sophisticated and simple. It is one you either love or hate.
29th November 2011
This perfume is okay, but it doesn't come out smelling very much like anything on me. I'm getting some very faint and hazy impressions of powdery white flowers but it's not a very obvious or noticeable smell. (On me anyway.) I suppose that might be why it's called Cashmere Mist? The scent really is like trying to perceive something through fog. I'm getting the vanilla too now as the perfume dries down, but this is not a really heavy or obvious vanilla-gourmand fragrance. Overall I would describe this as quiet, subtle, "proper" and demure. I guess it would be really appropriate for some people, but I don't feel that this fragrance is really "me."
However, the scent is nice enough that I would probably buy a body wash or scented soap that smells like this. I don't think I would bother spending my money on the perfume though.
20th September 2011
Cashmere Mist is a nice, inoffensive scent. To me it's a powdery amber with floral florishes. Not an outstanding fragrance, but pleasant.
18th July 2011
An expensive version of Johnson & Johnson baby powder.
25th June 2011
Comes across as exactly that: being wrapped in a cashmere blanket on a cold and misty day. Makes me think of that Rod Stewart song. Nothing earth shattering. It's a simple fragrance, but done so well that it comes across as more refined than it probably is. It has a masculine element to it as well, which the right guy could pull off. Of all the DKNY frags, this is the one that has most stood out for me...actually made an impression.
8th April 2011
-...,'s when you take "Le Male" by JP Gaultier and cut off all the tonka and vanille notes so all you have finally is a clear white musk with some flowery notes. Quite one-dimensional yet with a pretty flowery character and all it evokes is a colour white.If you are into synthetic musks and stuff..well,here you go.Not so much natural notes here.Another thing is that to me this type of perfume should not necessarily present itself in a form of EdP but rather could be found in any other cheap shower gel or a bath product.
16th January 2011
The packaging is quite plain and simple, yet I was still intrigued to try, and Im pleased I did because the fragrance is far from plain to me.Very unique and expensive smelling, lasts for ages.
13th May 2010
Well, maybe it's me, and maybe it's jasmine, but all the supposedly successful white flower bomb, jasmine perfumes don't seem to do it for me. I have been wearing Cashmere Mist today, and in spite of the woody notes, the scent is simply too one-dimensional, too sickly sweet, to make me want to invest in a bottle, especially when I feel Avon can do as good of a job with a perfume this uninspiring for an eighth of the price. The musky bit of it is ok, and the hint of woods is intriguing, but in the end it just comes off as a generic perfume with nothing in particular to recommend it. Nothing interesting happens in its lifespan; you put it on, and wear it until it wears off.I can see how this could be a comfort scent for some, perhaps the same crowd of people who are overly influenced by ad copy and think 'cashmere=comfy & luxurious, so this perfume must be both those things too." But I am pretty sure, as I sit here and sniff myself, that 'comfortable' would be about the last adjective I'd use to describe myself if I had to drive around in a closed car wearing this scent. I shudder to think about it. I wish perfumers would do a better job of keeping ugly powders out of their so-called woody scents. I think I'd rather smell a cashmere goat.
8th April 2010
Cashmere Mist is a warm and comforting fragrance perfect for cuddling up with a cup of hot chocolate and watching the snow fall out the window. I spray it only once on my left wrist and then rub it on my right. I don't like it near my face because the very first few minutes are strident and sneeze inducing. But it settles into a creamy vanilla scent that I really enjoy. It has a hint of masculinity that adds to the cuddly comforting feel, like a strong steady hug.
2nd March 2010
WOW!! This is Kryptonite in a bottle! Makes me weak when worn by that special lady!!!
19th February 2010