Casbah fragrance notes

  • Head

    • angelica root, black pepper, nutmeg
  • Heart

    • incense, orris, tobacco
  • Base

    • cedarwood, vetiver

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Latest Reviews of Casbah

Casbah has become something of a modest classic since its release, and in a world full of incense perfumes, what is most notable about it is its relative conservatism and simplicity.

This is no cloud emenating from a censer, but light smoke trailing through fresh greenery, accented with just a hint of abstracted sweetness. It's an incense scent perfect for gardeners.
25th June 2023
I think I'm not wrong in saying that Piguet's Casbah is the most famous incense in the world of perfumery; and with good reason I would add. The incensed note is ecclesiastical, but is supported by a base of green (artemisia) and woody notes that dilute its sacredness and make it wearable and very versatile (at least, in relation to the genre). Let me be clear, the incense note is there and it is very strong, prominent for sure, but it is adequately accompanied and therefore works in an orchestra rather than as a soloist. To my nose it looks more like Jovoy's incense than Sorcinelli's (both very nice to me). The duration and the trail are truly remarkable, both considering the genre and as an absolute datum, we are in fact about 7 hours on the skin with an important projection/trail for at least the first 2 hours; then it settles on the skin but still remains perceptible at medium distance. On clothes it lasts for days.
I really like incense as a smell, but of incense perfumes (canonically understood) I only have Casbah because it's so particular as a note that I can't use it often, so a single perfume is more than enough; and then,
having to choose one and only one, I say without hesitation "Casbah of Piguet".
27th November 2022

I found a white label bottle and was smitten upon first spray: I visualize the colors deep green and burgundy and the wafts are rich and hypnotic to my nose.

In the opening, I am greeted with musky, earthy angelica, black pepper, and a notable liturgical smoke with sweeter overtones of tobacco.

This dries down to a persistent incense heart that has become woodier and more coniferous, somewhat damp but also paradoxically dusty. A deep, abundant red cedar note is detected as well.

In the base, it is evident that the woody amber aromachem Norlimbanol is used, albeit tastefully so, to extend the incense sensation. This is accompanied by vetiver and cola-like myrrh resin (which is not listed as a note).

I am thrilled to have this in my possession just in time for the cool autumn nights just around the corner.
8th March 2022
So much incense and there is no escape. You must love incense to love this, it's not for me. It's incense and pepper and smoke and I need a silver happy lining to it to balance it out for my taste.
19th October 2021
The incense field is so crowded by giants (Cardinal, Avignon, LAVS) that it's difficult to carve out a spot. Casbah manages, just about, by clothing the hollow, Coca-Cola-ish effervescence of Avignon in a haze of dark, peppery...not smoke, exactly, but something like the grey fog of dry ice. I find this to be much richer than Cardinal (with its papery benzoin and fresh linen) and much drier than the sweet, fizzy, soda-soap that is Montale's Full Incense. Drilling down into the detail, Casbah also has a curiously antiseptic thread running through it, but subtle, like the rubbery turn of a hospital gurney against a freshly-sluiced floor rather than full-out disinfectant. This isn't due to any ghost 'oud' note, but to an organic fudge of spices and herbs like angelica and nutmeg. I like its medieval darkness and grunginess. It's not pretty or uplifting. In fact, this is more like one of Santa Maria Novella's older, less photo-ready concoctions than a Piguet. I feel a layering with my Marescialla coming on.
24th March 2020
Bubbly bursts of angelica, black pepper, and I can smell the vetiver already. Cool. Dry. Not long after the top notes, I detect incense and tobacco. Very dark. Very smoky. It becomes an almost industrial or garage accord. New tire smell. Cedar underneath. Very masculine. Good for cool autumn or winter.
6th November 2018
I don't understand why Casbah is compared with CDG Avignon since it is way closer to Montale Full Incense.

Casbah gives me a superb incense note and the religious feeling i am searching for in this type of fragrances.

Compared to Full Incense, Casbah seems a little bit more complex and more versatile. Full Incense is linear but a great perfume also.

Logevity is decent ( smaller than Full Incense)

Sillage - Medium.

Ovearall is a must buy for incense scents lovers.
30th October 2018
Casbah is like nothing I have ever tried before. It is skilfully created (it's obvious); exceptionally well-blended; warming; comforting; classy; a pleasure to wear; quite unique; alluringly interesting; silently addictive; something that every other Tom, Dick & Harry won't have; pungent on clothes; long-lasting with decent projection; expensive & not that easy to get.

'Darvant' from Italy has a good account of this fragrance which should answer all your questions. It is well worth the read.

Casbah is for the refined nose that knows 'exquisitness' when it smells it!
21st February 2017

Odd, it's weird how some scents come across.......was it my mood, nose, skin chemistry that night?
The first time I tried Casbah was after spraying it with the nozzle close to my skin.

I was turned off because before I fell asleep all I detected was a dark smokiness. It took over a week before I tried again but applied a mist and more over my body then walked out into the cool and breezy late afternoon.

Wow, so much better this time, I am not familiar with Angelica root but if it's that sweet scent that is intertwined with incense then I really love it.

Great projection and still going strong after 5 and one half hours.

Great unisex I believe, the incense here is definitely house of worship strength so that might turn off some ladies but Angelica root tames the beast.

Good name for this product, my first Piguet purchase, setting the bar rather high for the rest of the line.
28th November 2016
Quite similar to Heeley Cardinal. A little, softer prettier with the Nutmeg and a touch of Vegetal Iris which offers a perfume less austere and angular.
Angelica provides a slight sweetness in contrast to the dry Incense in the Heeley.
Very nice!
10th November 2016
Angelica root is such a strong note, and it dominates the opening, scaring me off slightly. As it fades, though, the perfume becomes softer and more agreeable in the middle, the kind of development that could make me appreciate the top. Into the base, however, new harshness develops, presumably from the intensity of the incense.
20th July 2016
Casbah is very much in the same family as Avignon (Comme des Garcons), but it is simultaneously - and perhaps paradoxically - richer, more lighthearted and intriguing than the latter, without Avignon's stentorian "churchiness." I am glad to have both, as sometimes I welcome the dusty incense-and-old-wood ambiance of Avignon, and at others I want the insouciance and spicy chatter, the joie-de-vivre, of the marketplace.

Casbah's life on the skin develops in subtle layers: at the 12-hour mark, with all of its notes singing in unison (and still going strong), I'm reminded more of Havana by Aramis than Avignon - even though those two fragrances, by themselves, have little in common. Casbah is a mesmerizing blend of notes, smelling of curry and nutmeg and incense, and it warms my heart.
2nd October 2015