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Casaque by Vermeil

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Casaque is a men's fragrance by Vermeil

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Reviews of Casaque by Vermeil

There are 4 reviews of Casaque by Vermeil.

So, Vermeil seems best known for their oddly anachronistic release Vermeil Pour Homme, which to my nose, while decent, seemed like an inferior facsimile to Davidoff Original and I was not compelled to acquire it.

Casaque, however, was recommended by my good friend who lives for muscled aromatic green fougeres of the 80s, and is another animal altogether. There's a blast of soapy aldehydes and juniper berries: what a bold announcement, hell yes. It no sooner brings on the moss, the IBQ, and what my nose picks up as thyme; earthy, savory, somewhat perspiring herbs heated by the sun, surrounded by pine barrens.

Apparently I like them rough, virile, and masculine. Fougeres, that is.

Typical vintage aromatic-fougere that is a blend of aromatic herbs, lavender and moss. The juice is classic, herbal and masculine. I haven't been smelling it for many years. I agree with the Shamu 1's comparisons although this one reminds me more Oscar de la Renta than the more watery and "splashing"  Drakkar Noir. Another scent that comes to mind is TSAR even if this is a far less floral, mossier and rougher kind of scent. I tend to love these type of classic and masculine powerhouse juices and Casaque is a dive back in the memory of left back discreet and virile traditional aromas. Hard to find and not expensive.

A rough old 80s style macho frag that smells like the child of Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui and Drakkar Noir. This is a strong, juniper-fueled power scent with strong herbal middle notes and dark mossy drydown. Not particularly original, but dense and power-packed, just the way I like 'em.


I'm surprised that this has yet to be reviewed!

Nice and something about it reminds me of the more expensive Duc De Vervins from the big designer house of Houbigant.

If you are up in the air about this scent then I would recommend you jump in and get it!
A more sophisticated scent but at a fraction of the price of similar colognes.

When I say more sophisticated don't think older just think capable of being used for formal occasions and good or better for cooler weather and P.M. hours of the day.

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