Casamorati Regio 
Xerjoff (2011)

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Reviews of Casamorati Regio by Xerjoff

There are 11 reviews of Casamorati Regio by Xerjoff.

I’m not going to wear it, it feels too masculine for me, but I love how classic yet different this is. It’s a lot of Cologne citrus fruit with a dry oud-like smell backing it. Very earthy, like mud drying in the sun.
May 13, 2020

Off the top of my head I would say that Xerjoff probably has a half dozen variations of the Italian Citrus cologne type of fragrance...i find this one to have a nice citrusy opening with more of a " green " flavor...then, the carnation/geranium kick in for me adding some hard edged flowery aspects...dries down kind of musky vanilla...the vanilla has a touch of that wet cardboard effect...not one of my favorite Xerjoffs, but still enjoy wearing it...
Mar 20, 2019

This is a very beautiful gentlemanly, dark, and somewhat green Italian musk fragrance. The opening is very citrusy yet minty with bergamot, grapefruit, and geranium, and some sort of green leaves accord. On the drydown, it becomes really musky (from the ambrette/musk mallow accord), and floral with lots of carnation and a hint of herbal lavender. I also think I get a hint of leather in the drydown though it's not listed in the notes. On my skin, it's essentially a dark musk and carnation scent. I normally don't like carnation too much when it's used in cheap colognes as a synthetic note, but the carnation in this is so natural smelling and lively that I can't help but love it. The overall impression of the fragrance is smelling a garden of carnations in a dark cave somewhere or perhaps beside an old gothic mansion at midnight. It's quite unique, and the only thing similar to this I've smelled is possibly Geo F. Trumper's Eucris (though that goes in the direction of blackcurrent and oakmoss). The performance for this fragrance is also amazing (like most Xerjoffs), and one doesn't need to spray a lot to get great longevity from it. The projection for this fragrance is moderate leaning strong, while the longevity is fantastic, running at 6 hours of projection before becoming a skin scent. Overall, this is a dark gothic masculine masterpiece with a very unique set of notes and extremely natural scent.

Feb 28, 2019

Quality and class without any doubt. This fragrance is not for everybody and if all you know about perfumes fits in a Calvin Klein bottle, you cant understand Regio. Elegant from the first seconds, this scent is oriental but also an western perfume in the same time.

+ quality, complexity, elegance, freshness mixed with oriental notes, projection, bottle design

- price, versatility
Jun 8, 2018

Beach fragrance. Suntan lotion, marine, tons of vanilla. Too much vanilla, makes a waxy fragrance that isn't working. I'm not getting all of the floral notes listed.
Jul 15, 2017

Opens up fresh and minty (geranium) and it feels high quality in the first minutes. Dries down pretty quick to an expensive soap smell. Nice and nothing more. The quality goes away as it dries down from great to meh.
Apr 5, 2016

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