Exclusive to Harvey Nichols.

Casamorati Italica fragrance notes

  • Head

    • milk, almond, saffron
  • Heart

    • bourbon vanilla, toffee
  • Base

    • sandalwood, cedarwood, musk

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The toffee and almond notes are tightly fused in this fragrance, and their concentration makes it smell almost herbal. It's oxymoronic, but it's like an herbal gourmand. There are no herbs in the note breakdown, but some of the notes combine to give off that feeling. If you love almond, then you should check this fragrance out. Personally, the almond note makes the lactonic note feel a bit nauseating. It's fun to sample, but I don't think it's worth the price.
11th September 2022
My favorite gourmand and a wonderful, delicious fragrance

This opens up a little bit on the oriental side due to the saffron. there is a buscuity note in the opening with a hint of a strawberry like note. The almond and milk quickly appear followed by the vanilla and toffee making it smell close to cookies. its milky and sweet but not overly sweet or cloying.

also, its a unisex fragrance and is very suitable for men even though its a sweet gourmand. its absolutely delicious and its the best gourmand and most gourmandish fragrance i have come across so far. also, the bottle design is unique and fantastic.

performance is strong on this one. it fills up a room with a few sprays.

overall rating: 9.2 / 10
9th July 2020

I bought it blindly, with a discount and sample packs. I liked the notes. I liked it from the reviews. I loved opening the box. It's the greatest packaging. The suede around the bottle is beautiful as well. I love the almonds, milky and bitter. But there's a musk behind it that make it masculine. Now, for the price, I think I should sell it again, while it's new. I'm teared apart.
28th April 2020
By the Gods, I'm pretty sure I'm about to chew off my arm. Wow does that smell delicious. Strong scent of almond milk (which is hard to believe but it's true), toffee and vanilla with a woody base. Opens lusciously sweet, the milkiness of the almond makes it very smooth. This isn't overbearingly sweet, the wood notes and the dusty-earthiness of the saffron help give Italica more of a reserved gourmand quality. If I had to give it a comparison, I would say this smells like a very high-quality cookie dough batter. Which to me is just fantastic.

Since this isn't overly sweet, it's very unisex. This is good for any occasion, really: but given the price, you're probably going to want to save it for something special. This is...VERY expensive. It's very prohibitive for a casual fragrance user but believe me...this is blind buy worthy. Projection is slightly above average, longevity is 7-8 hours.

Really special. You'll just have to save up to afford it! Or find others to split it with as I did.

7th April 2019
I have only worn this once, but since no other reviews are up I hope I can help someone out.

Italica is a yummy gourmand with a milky, creamy toffee with vanilla. I put an additional spray to my hand so I could follow it's development and I kept sniffing my hand throughout the evening. I would wear this one on evenings and special occasions, preferably in the colder months. Could easily suit both genders.

This seems to be exclusively sold at one shop, so it might not be the easiest to lay one's hands on. The price is quite high as well.

Performance was great, it projected and lasted well!
12th March 2019